I have to apologize that some of these artworks are not finished yet... a lot of them don't even have a background. I'll finish them as soon as I have time. Actually I have a lot more characters of my own design, but I don't think they're good enough to show so I'll keep them to myself at this moment.

Characters from Capcom Characters of my own Other stuffs
[Sakura][1998] [Women nature][1999] [Valentine's Card][1998]
[Ibuki][1998] [Yoshino][1999] [Botan Flower][1997]
[Lilith][1998] [Girl with a scarf][1998] [Birthday Card][1998]
[Lilith with hat][1998] [Basket ball][1998]
[Big Mouth Sakura][1996] [Girl standing on a pattern][1997]
[Chun Li][1997]
[Cute Chun Li & Sakura][1998]
[Capcom Girls][1998]
[Sakura 2][1998]
[Ibuki 2][1998]
[Lilith 2][1998]