Contents in this page are quite personal. You might not find it interesting but anyways! This is MY page and I can do whatever I want!

First of all I'd like to introduce my new idol: Tanaka Rena!

Does anyone knows what "Gut" means?
"Gut" is the pronounciation of tangerine in Cantonese. Tangerine is a small loose-skinned orange. It also represents fortune and good luck... But of course this is not the kind of meaning I'm looking for! My full name "One Gut" actually means "get into a store, mess around and buy nothing" or "bother others and make no contribution"!!! That's very annoying isn't?
This is a picture of a real "gut".

I'm now very excited about this new RPG game Final Fantasy VIII by Square! Too bad the English version won't come out until winter 1999. I'm looking forward to it! Take a look at this site!