The Knight Order of Baaton
The afternoon long ago set over the ridges of the horizon, replacing the bright red-orange hue with the silver-white essence of moonlight as you venture northwest toward the oceans of this world. Crickets chirp audibly in the distance, within the edges of the treelines and swamps you somehow found your way into, and occasionally can be heard a fish leaping hungrily from the midnight-hued liquid of life. Along the cliffs that hang over the ocean, small creatures of the night scurry, causing a rock or pebble to skip free and cascade noisilly to the watery void below; but these sounds hardly halt you as you move toward the palatial construct spotted on a small kind of peninsular moor.

As you approach the building, you suddenly realize how minute you must seem in comparison to its outer wall that reaches at least four meters in height, and the inner structures tower over that.... At first, you call for a sentry to open the gates and allow you sanctuary for the night, but no one comes to answer. Knowing no one will, you decide to let yourself inside, finding the gate no more than immense oaken doors, unlocked at that; so you push one open to reveal to tired eyes a cobblestone path that leads to another set of doors on what must be the main building of the complex judging from the size of the wall before you, lush grasses of reddish hue layered over the landscape where the paths and shrubs are not.

With a push of the door, you enter the massive construction...

Entering the main hall through the large oak doors at the front, you find a rather worriful scene before you. You are standing in a massive room, perhaps fifteen meters across and ten meters high. Only the dozen or so torches clearly light the chamber. The marble walls are adorned with draping ensigns embroidered with emblems you seem to remember but cannot quite place.... They seem to waver on their hooks, being blown by a breeze you can neither see nor feel. Five or so oblong windows line the wall on either side, with beams of silver light bursting from the tinted glass and onto the smooth tiled floor. Before you, there is a great, oval-shaped marble table with sections of food, books and papers, and miscellaneous items scattered about. Amidst the clutter, you can see a large obsidian emblem engraved on the center of the white table- the symbol of the Knight Order of Baaton.
A few of the members, dressed in ornate, flowing robes or armors look up upon your entrance. Some smile with some hidden, hardly subtle intention you can only guess to, others simply look and go on about their previous businesses, but none say a word, going back to their conversation or quiet studies. Doors line the back wall, each engraved with a different series of runes.


   In this Order, there is at least a level one requirement for consideration for becoming a member, and this is easily obtained by simply registering your character at the Exodus Night homepage, the link for which is listed below. Of course, any character of neutral or dark alignment may join; but only those agreed upon by the Council of Lords will be allowed into the ranks of the Order. Remember, all character backgrounds and sheets will be checked before you are drafted. **NOTE** Anyone at all who commits an act, in the name of the Order or otherwise, that undermines the values or defies the duties of a Baaton Knight will be stripped of rank and expelled immediately, no questions asked, and the option to re-enlist will be non-existent until such times are decided, though exceptions may be decided upon in the future.
     This is a place of learning, as well as a military denomination, but just because someone is a lower rank than you does not give you the right to command him or her like they are slaves. Respect for authority and enforcers of that authority is a must. Also, there is no long chain of command for members to have to keep up with. VelvetAngelLuve has direct control over the knighthood. The Council of Lords is simply a group of advisers and, if desired of those members, field commanders of the Baaton Order's facets, nothing more. You do not have to answer to anyone for your every move. However, suspicious events will be looked into.
     Remember, the Order and its members are always there for you. If you ever need help during a quest or in the Inn, you can always count on one of them for assistance. Despite the harsh-sounding measures taken for committing crimes against the Baaton Order, we do our best to maintain a general peace between our members and the rest of society. Remember also that this is a knighthood which survives not through strength in experience or in numbers but in intelligence and rationalization. This may cause conflicts of interest during quests and in the tavern, but try to remember that all knights of the Order of Baaton are to remain civil to each other, and will at least be courteous to all characters within the realm of Exodus. Evil is best-defined in psychological analyzations and definitions as being out to further your own self above others through any means necessary regardless of what is considered morally ethical... not being rebellious to the law of society. That is an anarchist. There is, and always has been, a difference.

Velvet Luve