Medieval Expedition

The Donetsk medieval archaeology expedition was established in 1981 and during this period 18 excavation seasons, dedicated to studies of the archaeological sites of the Donetsk Hills and the Seversky Donets River's middle basin, took place. There were cemeteries, barrow cemeteries, rural settlements and urban sites among these memorials. Unique materials of Upper Palaeolithic period, Bronze Age and early Middle Age were found. Now archaeology collection, given by this expedition to the Centre, includes more than 20,000 units and whole photos and excavation documents. Materials were submitted for consideration on several international conferences in Ukraine, Russia, Bulgaria, and Middle Asia. One of the main tactic goals of the Centre is treatment and publishing of these materials.

According to strategic plan the work of our scientists will be mainly turned to two global problems: archaeological culture's development in the zone of permanent active inter-ethnic contacts and methodology excavation of historical information from archaeology material. Now due to chronological planes it considerate on studying of Indo-Iranian people of the II-I millenniums BC and Turk people of the Yearly Middle Age.

During our work a good group of professionals was created. It was a basis for organisation of personal of the Centre. These specialists have experience in the sphere of international co-operation in archaeology, because they took part in many UNESCO international scientific projects. One of them was the program " Integral Study of the Silk Roads: Road of Dialogue ".

If you are interested in getting further information of the Centre, please contact us:

Mikhail Shvetsov
Donetsk Centre of the Institute
of Oriental Studies named after A. Krimsky
of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
ul. Cheluskintsev 189,
Donetsk 83048,

Phone: (38)-0622-558444
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