Hello, welcome to Paul Van's website.  I know, I know, I am not a "commercial entity" and thus should not, by standards, be using a .com suffix, however, it's easier for my kids and players to remember and besides, the .ws "website" suffix did not come about until after I purchased www.paulvan.com in 1996 which was WAY before "the Facebook" came along.

Try our family (and friends) page which I updated every month or so until Facebook came along, now it's just kinda' memories ... here

To access any of the webs I have built, simply click on one below...

- My set of maps (started long before Googlemaps, Mapquest or Arenamaps) HERE (but pardon the dust, they haven't been updated since the kids left youth hockey... all still good though)

- Wayne State University 2001 Hockey Info page (site started Aug 2001) at HERE (although I stopped updating after that first season when the University took over their own)

- Michigan Panthers AAU Basketball (pantherbball.org site started March 2000 closed 2007) HERE

- Belle Tire Girls Hockey (site started Aug 1999) at HERE transferred to new teams, unmanaged - so now just reflecting our great 2000 championship year

- St. Clair Shores Fastpitch Softball Vipers (site started June 1999. taken over by others (looks like the URL was taken by a Texas team) at http://viperball.org) ) HERE

- St. Clair Shores Hockey Association (site started in 1997) the original looked like this HERE but now, since 2007, is more updated and fancy and managed by each individual team at http://scsha.org

- My second attempt, for the 1998 Grosse Pte. Bulldogs Midget AA Hockey team here

- Here is my link to my R. L. Polk & Co. memories, etc... 1979 to present.

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