Polk Beijing-Catarc Mar 2005 - Sep 2006

We brought in reinforcements from the Tokyo office, a New Zealander named Nick Coyle who helped us manage the project.  Here's Nick and me on a day off, visiting the Great Wall of China and then at the Forbidden City.

On my follow-up trip to Tokyo, I was pleasantly surprised by Nick's invitation to his home to enjoy the first "home cooked" meal I had in weeks.  Below is Nick, his wife and two sons. Joe and Jacob.  For dinner we had a Japanese stir-fry called Teppan-yaki.  It was AWESOME!

On my last night, everyone threw me a party at Kareoke!  What a blast!  Thank you everyone for making me feel so much at home, away from home!

Our favorite pastime and reward to ourselves for a job well done was BOWLING...


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