For a period of time in the 1980's we held an annual Christmas party at the VFW hall on Ecorse in Allen Park, just down from the Taylor facility.  I'm not sure how George Page first talked me into playing Santa but I did for like six years straight and somehow after the second year, I tried to incorporate a "theme" into my Santa act.  If anyone has pics of the first one, Santa as Michael Jackson with a diamond-studded glove... let me know.  Anyhow, below is my last one... Rambo Clause in which Jay Monazym played my Vietnamese P.O.W. reindeer (since Rambo part II had just hit the box office big, it was a natural).  This was, I believe Christmas 1986... but I am certain someone will correct me.  In retrospect I wonder how good our taste was back then, did we even know what Politically Correct meant?... but we were just mimicking the hype of the movie... pure and simple.  No statement made or inferred.  I'll never forget Roger LeBlanc getting too tipsy, taking a swing at Frank Guy and so finally Greg Coughlin and I took him home, and home, and home... we finally left him on someone's doorstep in the neighborhood he claimed to be from.

Getting ready at Connie and Tom's house

Jay making sure every touch is "just right"

Santa's arrival almost knocks Santa on his rump

Santa and his sleigh

Passing out the gifts

And then it's off into the night.

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