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 Updated March 15, 2001

Welcome to my bootleg CD cover collection.  Originally created for the "Official Bootlegs" released by Pearl Jam, this page now contains original covers and scans from all artists on my list - from Alice in Chains to Neil Young.  Whether you have recently traded with me, or are just looking for the artwork, feel free to take what you need.

If you're looking for Pearl Jam "Official Bootleg" Scans, go to Sleight of Hand



While I work on a new layout for this page, here are the index pages of the bootleg CD covers . . .

Alice in Chains -

Days of the New -

Jimi Hendrix -

Led Zeppelin -

Nirvana -

Pearl Jam -

R.E.M. -

Rockfords -

Smashing Pumpkins -

Soundgarden -

Stone Temple Pilots -

The Who -

Tool -

For more Pearl Jam Bootleg Scans, go to Sleight of Hand

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