Pack 154
P.O. Box 641
Prospect, KY 40059

Jan. 11 - District Roundtable - for Leaders and Committee members 7:00PM LaGrange Christian Church Basement
Jan.13-Den Leader/ Committee Meeting
6:30PM, St. John UMC
Jan. 14 - SKI TRIP TO PAOLI PEAKS (See article)
Jan.15-Pow-Wow for LeadersSouth Oldham High School, Buckner
Jan. 16 - HARLEM GLOBETROTTERS - Council sponsored event
7PM, St. John UMC
Feb. 6 SCOUT SUNDAY/BLUE & GOLD BANQUET - St. John UMC - see article
Feb. 8- District Roundtable - for Leaders and Committee members 7:00PM LaGrange Christian Church Basement
Feb. 10- Den Leader/ Committee Meeting 6:30PM, St. John UMC
Feb. 26 - PINEWOOD DERBY CLINIC - More info in next newsletter
7PM, St. John UMC

Highlights of Upcoming Events

Apr. 28, 29, 30 - PACK/FAMILY CAMPOUT


For those families who are signed up for the ski trip, we will meet at St. John on Friday, January 14 at 3:00pm (bus will leave at 3:45) and should return around 11:30 that evening. We raised $280 at the Cake Bake Auction, and the cost of the charter bus is $350, so we will need to collect an additional $1.25 per person to cover the charter fee. You will need additional money for dinner/snacks. Clothing should be in layers - sweats, nylon wind pants, heavy jacket, gloves, and a hat. If you have any questions, please call Pamela Williams- Harris, 228-4468, (e-mail -, or Barry Stevenson, 228-9677, (e-mail


The date for the Blue & Gold Banquet has been changed again - I apologize for all the confusion about the date for this important event. THE DATE FOR BLUE & GOLD BANQUET IS SET FOR SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 6. For those of you who are new to scouting, each year we celebrate the accomplishments of our Cub Scouts during Scout Sunday. It begins with a special Church service at St. John, UMC at 10:45 am. During the service, Rev. Dale Carden will award the religious medal to our scouts who have earned their religious award through classes at St. John. The catered luncheon will begin at 12:15 (following the service) in the gym. The theme for this year is ¡°Turn Back the Clock¡±. The highlight of the day will be when we award our 2nd year Webelos the Arrow of Light and then crossover into Boy Scouts. Reservations will be made through your Den Leader. Den leaders will be calling requesting a head count before Jan. 14. (Den Leader Meeting). If you have any questions, please call Mimi Stevenson -228-9677. Please join us in honoring our scouts on this special day.

Our Pack sold $6113. 68 scouts sold popcorn with the average being $89.89 per scout. Our profit will be about $1900. Since the pack did not reach the goal of $2000 as voted on in Committee/Den Leader meeting, there will be no scout accounts for now. The top five sellers in the pack were Travis Stewart - $556, Nathaniel Williams - $312, Zach Stevenson - $304, Gregory States - $273 and Adam Hensley - $224. Great work scouts!!

Cake Bake Auction Update

The Cake Bake Auction was very successful - we raised over $280 to go towards the charter bus for the ski trip. Way to go Pack 154!
We thank all the parents and kids for their hard work for this fundraiser. Start planning now for the Spring Cake Bake Auction.


THE NEWSLETTER IS NOW AVAILABLE ON THE WEB at our scout website. Webmaster Chris States will ensure that the newsletter will be available to those who want to access the newsletter via the internet. The cost of copying, and mailing newsletters each month can sometimes run around $50 per month ($33 in postage alone), so now we are compiling a list of e- mail addresses to let you all know when the Newsletter will be available for viewing each month. If you would like to be notified when the newsletter is available instead of receiving a hard copy, please e-mail Mimi Stevenson ( or Chris States - Our Pack website is:
We will continue to pass out the newsletters to those who want still want a hard copy whenever possible at the pack meetings, but hopefully this will save the Pack time and money by using the internet. If you have any comments or questions about the Newsletter, please call or e-mail Mimi Stevenson.

Flag Raising and Lowering at Goshen Elem.

There will no longer be Flag raising and lowering at Goshen. We are very sorry for all the confusion we have had trying to coordinate this assignment. Leaders, if your scout needs this assignment to earn a badge, please let Mimi Stevenson know so we can schedule it for Scout Week in February.

January Den Assignments
Den assignments for January are: Set-up, take down & Flag ceremony, Den 7 (Arrive at Church at 6:30)
Greeters & Display, Den 2
Skit, Den 4
Articles for Newsletter, due 1/15, Dens 7 & 9
February Den Assignments
Den assignments for January are: Set-up, take down & Flag ceremony, Den 4 (Arrive at Church at 6:30)
Greeters & Display, Den 8
Skit, Den 5
Articles for Newsletter, due 2/15, Dens 4 & 10
January advancements are due at the Committee Meeting on Jan. 13. Also, if you want to purchase an extra pinewood derby car for a sibling or parent, the cost is $3.40 each. Debbie will have these available at the Den Leader Meeting as well as the pack meeting. Please have exact change or pay by check. If you have any questions, please call or e-mail Debbie. Phone, 228-2936, fax/ 292-1915, e-mail at

If you signed up for Pow-wow, the date is Saturday, January 15, 2000, at South Oldham High School, Highway 393 in Buckner. Registration begins at 7:30- 8:30am, program - 8:30am- 4:00pm. If you have any questions, call Phyllis Hensley at 292-0235.

Meeting Date: Thurs. January 13, 6:30PM, St. John, upstairs room. In our January meeting, we will continue our discussion on discipline, Blue & Gold Banquet, Pinewood Derby Clinic and the Pinewood Derby. As always, our goal is to make these meetings as short as possible. If you would like to be listed on the agenda, call Mimi Stevenson a day or so before the meeting. All meetings will begin promptly at 6:30PM, at St. John (upstairs room). Free child care is available, contact Mimi Stevenson the day before the meeting. As always, all den leaders, assistants and committee members and parents are invited and encouraged to attend.


Thanks to Barry Stevenson for coordinating the Popcorn Drive!!
Also a big thanks to Travis Hensley for childcare during the Committee/Leader meetings. Great Job Travis!!
Big Thanks to Debbie Schuette for coordinating the Christmas Party - it was a great success.
Also, thanks to Santa for making an appearance at this year¡¯s party!
Thanks to Pamela Williams- Harris for coordinating the Cake Bake Auction - it was a great success!

Pack Committee
Committee Chair- Mimi Stevenson
Phone # 228-9677, e-mail
Cubmaster - Bill Clarke Phone
# 228-5393, e-mail
Asst. Cubmaster, Den Leader Coach - David Hensley Phone# 292- 0235
Asst. Cubmaster, Den Placement - Pamela Williams-Harris Phone # 228-4468
Advancements - Debbie Schuette Phone# 228-2936 e-mail
Treasurer - Barry Stevenson Phone #228-9677 e-mail
Training - Phyllis Hensley Phone #292-0235

Special Events - Anne Luvisi Phone #228-9148
Secretary/Newsletter - Mimi Stevenson (temporary)
Tiger Cub Coordinator - Debbie Morgan Phone #228-5288 e-mail


Max Cain 1-2
Zach Stevenson 1-5
Andrew Manning 1-5
Mark Leuchtefeld 1-12
Blake Ehret 1-19
Zachary Hartlage 1-30

The Cub Scout theme for the month of January 2000 is "Does not Compute" and so the secret word for the January pack meeting will be "computer." Any time that you hear the secret word said by an adult leader during the pack meeting, you should yell out "keyboard." Pay close attention at the Pack meeting since I'm sure someone will say "computer" at least once.


In this day and age, it seems that everyone, including and especially young children, uses computers in one way or another. You may not realize that computers are important parts of such things as microwaves, televisions, automobiles, dishwashers, gasoline pumps, bank ATM machines and so on. Because these things are used everyday by most everyone, many people have been extremely concerned with Y2K (or Year 2000) because many computers and computer chips which have been used in our appliances may fail to function as a result of certain short-sightedness by programmers who used a two-digit date code for years rather than a four-digit code. If we were unable to use our appliances for any reason whatever, what do you think you and your family would do to adjust to life without them. By the time you receive your newsletter, we will have already seen New Year's Day come and go and you may get some idea of life, temporarily, without the things we have to make it more comfortable.

Also, with your parent(s), if you have a home computer and have access to the Internet, explore the Internet to see what information is available to us that we can use for our school projects and fun things to do when we have free time. Check out the Pack's website and look around for other Cub Scout packs on the Internet. Compare their websites to ours and see what you like about our website and how it may be improved. The address for our Pack website is contained somewhere in this newsletter. Have fun looking for it.

By Gregory States
Here is what a cake auction was like. The cake auction was when every family [from my old pack] brought a cake to the school gym. You put your cake on a table and then we auction them for money. We start at 5 dollars then 10 etc., etc.. The highest price wins the cake. The highest price I remember is 70 or 75 dollars. The cakes were really neat. Lots
of people are creative.