Pack 154
P.O. Box 641
Prospect, KY 40059

Mar. 10 - SETUP-PINEWOOD DERBY, Dens 2 & 9 - 6PM
Mar. 11 - PINEWOOD DERBY- St. John UMC Gym
See Article and Flyer
March 14 - District Roundtable for Leaders and Committee members - 7PM LaGrange Christian Church Basement.
Mar. 16 - Den Leader/ Committee Meeting 6:30PM St. John UMC - Upstairs Room
March 25-April 1 - Early Bird Sign up for Day Camp Begins - Debbie Morgan - Day Camp Coordinator
Mar. 25 - DISTRICT PINEWOOD DERBY - Goshen Elementary, 9AM
7:00PM St. John UMC
April 1 - Scout-O-Rama- 10AM-4PM Churchill Downs
April 11 - District Roundtable for Leaders and Committee members - 7PM LaGrange Christian Church Basement.
April 13 -Den Leader/ Committee Meeting 6:30PM St. John UMC - Upstairs Room

7:00PM St. John UMC
Apr. 28, 29, 30 - PACK/ FAMILY CAMP OUT My Old Kentucky Home State Park
May 9 - District Roundtable for Leaders and Committee members - 7PM LaGrange Christian Church Basement.
May 11 - Den Leader/ Committee Meeting 6:30PM St. John UMC - Upstairs Room
7:00PM St. John UMC
June 19-23 - CUB SCOUT DAY CAMP Debbie Morgan Coordinator
August 4-7 - WEBELOS RESIDENT CAMP David Hensley Coordinator


Our Derby plans are up and running thanks to Tom Schuette!!! If you are new to Pinewood Derby Racing, this event involves each scout building their own car (to the extent this is possible) using the Boy Scout official car kit (given out at the December pack meeting) and Pack 154 instructions. Make sure you only use pack 154 instructions. If any others were included in your kit, please disregard or you may be disqualified. Weigh-in begins at 9AM until 10:50AM. First race begins at 11AM. There will be prizes awarded in each rank as well as awards for Best Show, Most Original and Best Cub Scout Theme. This year our pack purchased a new aluminum track that is 50 feet long with an electronic timer- this should make our races even more exciting!! Once again, we will have the family class of Derby racers. Family members and graduated Webelos are invited to race in this event. Family races will start after all other races have ended. Hot Dogs and snacks will be available for sale.
SETUP & DEN ASSIGNMENTS FOR DERBY Our Pack cannot hold this event without the help of all families. The Tigers are responsible for staffing the kitchen and the concession sales. Debbie Morgan is the Chairperson in charge of concessions. The following is a list of Den assignments for all families. Please bring your items to the setup on Friday night at 6PM or early Saturday morning during weigh-in.
Den 2 - 1 bag of chips
Den 3- 1 bag of chips
Den 4- 1 bag chips
Den 5- (1) 2 liter bottle soda
Den 6- (1) 2 liter bottle soda
Den 7- (1) 2 liter bottle soda
Den 8- (1) 2 liter bottle soda
Den 9 -(1) 2 liter bottle soda
Den 11- Cookies or Brownies
Den 12-Cookies or Brownies
Den 13-Cookies or Brownies
Den 14-Cookies or Brownies

SETUP - Friday, March 10 at 6:00pm. All first year Webelos (Dens 2 & 9) are responsible for setup as well as clean up after racing concludes on Saturday.
Any questions related to the Derby should be directed to Tom Schuette 228-2936.


Remember everyone that Scout-O- Rama is April 1, 2000 at Churchill Downs. For those of you who have never attended and have no idea what Scout-O-Rama is, the event gives all Cub Scout packs, Boy Scout troops and Explorer posts in the Lincoln Heritage Council the opportunity to display their crafts and skills to the general public and the rest of their peers. It is also a time for the best of the best Pinewood Derby winners to square off and decide which Cub or Webelos Scout has the fastest car around.

We sell admission tickets to Scout- O-Rama for $2.00 each. Along with the ticket are a number of money saving coupons and, this year, a four-pack of Reese¡¯s Peanut Butter Cups. Because we will be setting up a booth to display our crafts, for each ticket sold for $2.00 the Pack will earn $.50. Last year, we sold a total of 1444 tickets and the Pack realized $722.00 from the sale to go into the Pack general fund to help us pay for the boys¡¯ advancements and other special events. This ticket sale drive is our second largest fund raiser for the year and it is very important that we do well with our sales so that the Pack can afford to purchase the awards, patches, pins and other special prizes the boys earn during the year. Without this income, it would be impossible for us to reward the boys for all of their hard work and to put together a program which is both educational and fun for everyone.

In addition to helping the Pack, the boys can earn a Scout-O-Rama patch if they sell at least five tickets, a Triple Crown Sales patch if they sell ten and a Scout-o- Rama pin if they sell twenty. The boys can also earn Scout Bucks and other prizes as they sell more tickets beginning with a minimum of thirty. The boys should have already received a newspaper flyer from the Council describing the prizes available and the numbers of tickets they will need to sell to be eligible for the prizes. Finally, if the boys sell a minimum of sixty tickets each by March 4, 2000, the gross proceeds from the sale can be turned in to me at the Early Bird turn-in at the Dairy Queen in Crestwood between 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. and the boys who do so will receive a Reese¡¯s Nascar collector¡¯s ball cap made especially for the ticket drive.

As a group, we will try setting up a ticket sale stand in front of the Holiday Manor Kroger, Prospect Winn Dixie or another high traffic retail store in the area. This way, I believe we will be able to drastically increase our sales with a relatively small increase in effort. More information concerning this will be related at the February Pack Meeting.

Please help us have a successful ticket sale this year. It really does not take a great deal of effort for each of the boys to contribute. I know that many of the boys will sell more than their fair share, but I hope that each boy, from Tiger to Webelos, will ¡°do his best¡± and help our Pack continue to provide a quality program. Thanks for all of your help!! If you have any questions regarding ticket sales, please call Bill Clarke, 228-5393.

Scout -A-Rama

As mentioned above in the ticket sales article - Scout-O-Rama is April 1 from 10AM-4PM at Churchill Downs infield. Parking is free. Each ticket admits 1 adult and children under 18. Debbie Ferko and Chris States from Den 6 will be the coordinators for our Pack¡¯s booth. They will need help with set-up, take-down, and manning the booth during the day (usually just 1 hour shifts). More information will follow at the March Pack Meeting. Debbie Ferko - 292-0177 or Chris States 228- 7576.


This year, Pack 154 is proud to be the sponsor for the Dan Boone District Pinewood Derby. Pinewood Derby winners from all over the District will be our guests at the Goshen Elementary Gym on Saturday, March 25. We are asking for volunteers for several positions from running the Derby to running the concession stand. David Hensley is the coordinator for this event. He will have a sign- up sheet available at the February Pack meeting which will list a schedule for each function and the number of people needed for each shift. This is another great opportunity to show your volunteer spirit for just an hour or two. If you have any questions, contact your den leader or contact David Hensley, 292-0235.


Sara McCoy and Den 2 are planning our First Annual Family Camp-out to be held April 28, 29, & 30. (See Flyer or check out the website) You will need to fill out an application and send it to our P.O. Box as soon as possible. For more information, call Sara McCoy at 228-9064. More information will follow in the April newsletter.


Dan Boone district Summer Day Camp will be here before you know it! Dates for this extra fun summer event is scheduled for June 19-23. It is held at Camp Kavanaugh in Crestwood, usually from 9am-4pm. (Exact times and price TBA). Scouts have so much fun at day camp doing activities such as arts & crafts, BB shooting, archery, swimming, and much more. At this time, we are asking for parent volunteers to help out one, two or all five days at day camp. Debbie Morgan will be coordinating this event for our Pack. If you have any questions about the camp or if you would like to volunteer, please call her at 228-5288.


We are in need of a few good nurses that would be willing to volunteer a day, or two to man our first aid booth at Day Camp. You need to be a RN or an LPN with an current license and CPR certified. Please call Debbie Morgan if you would like to help out with the cuts and scrapes department.

If you would like to be notified when the newsletter is available instead of receiving a hard copy, please e-mail Mimi Stevenson ( or Chris States - Our Pack website is:
We will continue to pass out the newsletters to those who want still want a hard copy whenever possible at the pack meetings, but hopefully this will save the Pack time and money by using the internet. If you have any comments or questions about the Newsletter, please call or e-mail Mimi Stevenson.

March Den Assignments
Den assignments for March are: Set-up, take down & Flag ceremony, Den 8 (Arrive at Church at 6:30)
Greeters & Display, Den 7
Skit - Den 6
Articles for newsletter Due 3/15: Dens 11&12
April Den Assignments
Den assignments for April are:
Set-up, take down & Flag ceremony, (Arrive at Church at 6:30) Den 6
Greeters & Display, Den 5
Skit - Den 7
Articles for newsletter Due 4/15: Dens 8 & 3

March advancements are due at the Committee Meeting on March 16. If you have any questions, please call or e-mail Debbie. Phone, 228-2936, fax/ 292-1915, e-mail at
Training will be held on April 15 from 9AM to 1PM at The Bank in Crestwood. If you plan on becoming a leader or an assistant next year, or if you have questions regarding training, call Phyllis Hensley at 292-0235.
Meeting Date: Thurs. March 16 at 6:30PM, St. John, upstairs room. In our March meeting, we will discuss upcoming events such as Scout-O-Rama, District Pinewood Derby, Zoo Sleepover, the Family CAMP OUT, Day Camp, Pack Picnic, and other upcoming events. As always, our goal is to make these meetings as short as possible. If you would like to be listed on the agenda, call Mimi Stevenson a day or so before the meeting. All meetings will begin promptly at 6:30PM, at St. John (upstairs room). Free child care is available, contact Mimi Stevenson the day before the meeting. As always, all den leaders, assistants and committee members and parents are invited and encouraged to attend.


Special thanks this month go to: All those who helped with coordinating, donating, set-up, and clean-up of Blue & Gold:
Debbie Schuette & family, Laurie Anne Roberts & family, Phyllis Hensley & family, Bill Clarke & family, Debbie Morgan, Mimi Stevenson & family, Ann Luvisi & family, the Mike Hickling & family, Tillie Monem & family, Tony & Cindy Simpson for the last minute use of their sound system.Pinewood Derby Clinic: Super thanks to Jeff Klingeman, David Benefiel, Tom Schuette, Barry Stevenson, and Gary Lewis for a great Clinic!!!

Pack Committee
Committee Chair- Mimi Stevenson
Phone # 228-9677, e-mail
Cubmaster - Bill Clarke Phone
# 228-5393, e-mail
Asst. Cubmaster, Den Leader Coach - David Hensley Phone# 292- 0235
Asst. Cubmaster, Den Placement - Pamela Williams-Harris Phone # 228-4468
Advancements - Debbie Schuette Phone# 228-2936 e-mail
Treasurer - Barry Stevenson Phone #228-9677 e-mail
Training - Phyllis Hensley Phone #292-0235
Special Events - Anne Luvisi Phone #228-9148
Secretary/Newsletter - Mimi Stevenson (temporary)
Tiger Cub Coordinator - Debbie Morgan Phone #228-5288 e-mail


Elijah Thompson 3/3
Eric Klingeman 3/6
Billy Asher 3/7
Ramey Monem 3/9
Jason Bellis 3/13
Adam Hensley 3/21
Nathaniel Williams 3/21
Jordan Simpson 3/30

by Pamela Williams-Harris
Nineteen Scouts and their parents braved the cold and recently went on a ski trip to Paoli. This was the first ski trip that Pack #154 participated in and we were participating in style. The group took a charter bus to the resort and watched movies on the little television sets! There was a bathroom on the bus too! While at Paoli, we took lessons and skied on the wonderful slopes! I would like to thank the following adults who made this trip possible for all of us: Barry and Mimi Stevenson for their help with the bus and the support of the Pack members for their participation in the CakeBake which made the charter bus possible. You are all the greatest! Check out the web site for photos of the ski trip!
Travis Stewart, Bear- Den 3 was the Dan Boone District Top Popcorn Saleman. WAY TO GO TRAVIS!!
Creasey-Mahan Library
by Stephen McCoy
Have you ever visited your local library? Well, Den 2 made a field trip to the Creasey-Mahan Library and got a special tour. We liked the new changes they have made to the kid¡¯s room. Have you seen the cool painting at the top of the bookcases? There are neat pictures of things from Goshen. We were told that the library was once a barn and that if you removed the ceiling from the library some of the wood rafters are actually part of the old barn. So take your family and go check out a book or two from the library, have an adult sign you up for your own library card and start reading.


The Cub Scout theme for the month of March is ¡°Cub Grub.¡± At the March Pack Meeting, if anyone says the word ¡°food,¡± everyone should yell out ¡°it¡¯s finger lickin¡¯ good.¡±