Of the six abodes of Lord Murugan, Aavinankudi is considered as the third abode. Here Murugan appears in the form of a child. Thiru Murugatruppadai a book which praises Lord Murugan and his six abodes deals about Aavinankudi in a very elaborate manner.This Aavinankudi is considered as the place where from Lord Murugan solved the problems of other Gods.

During Sangam period kings of Aavi community ruled Palani and it surrounding area, and hence the name Aavinankudi came into existence. There is also another saying  that Boomi Devi(Thiru), Kamadhenu(Aa), Sun(Vi) and  Agini(Enan)
( God of Fire ), once came to this palce to worship Lord Murugan and hence the name of Thiru Aavinankudi came into existence.In Aavinankudi temple the stone idols of Boomi Devi, Kamadhenu, Sun and Agini are worshiped.

Also in the books  Palani Thalapuranam, Palani Thiruvaram, Kandha Sasti Kavasam, and in  Kandha puranam the greatness of this holy place is found in many songs. The famous Arunagiri Nathar in his ThiruPuzhal has written 13 songs about Aavinankudi Murugan.
Arunagiri Nathar




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