Once upon a time Saint Naradhar visited Lord Shiva and Sakthi at Kailash. Saint Naradhar is well known for his divine plays. He gave a Mango fruit to Shiva and told that it is fruit of Wisdom. Lord Ganesh and Lord Murugan the two children of Lord Shiva and Sakthi wanted the fruit fully for themself, they are not ready to share the fruit. Then it was decided that who first completes circumventing the Earth will take the fruit. Lord Murugan using his peacock started his journey and took the challenge. Lord Ganesh assumed that his father and mother are equivalent to Earth itself and circumventing them is equivalent to circumventing the Earth and he won the challenge and got the Mango fruit or fruit of Wisdom. On knowing the reason how his brother Lord Ganesh got the fruit, Lord Murugan was is temper and sacrificed everything even his clothes and went to Palani.  Then Lord Shiva and Sakthi came to Palani and convinced Lord Muruga as he himself is a fruit of wisdom ( Palam Ni ), since then the place were Lord Murugan stood is known as Palam Ni or Palani.




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