Papermakers Guild of Western Australia
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Welcome to the website of The Papermaker's Guild of Western Australia Inc.

Our next meeting will be held in November.     It will be the Christmas breakup party and the last one for the year.

Our last meeting was on Sunday 26th September.   It was the Silent Auction.  Only 3 people brought their 'A is for Art'  challenge, which will now be sent off to the United States.

Contacting us  

The Guild is not accepting new members.     For more information:

a) via email at and talk to Raelene. I often get emails from people seeking out past members. So, if you wish, you may send me your contact details and I will keep them on record for future reference and make available to other people.

b) via phone at [61] (08) 9388 1180 and talk to Judy Farnay

c) via smail mail at PGWA, Box 320, MELVILLE  WA  6956  Australia

The Guild generally meets at Hazel McDougall House,  Clydesdale St,  Como  WA  6152

For information about the Christmas party or what's happenening next year, use the contact information listed above to find out more.  When meetings are held at Hazel McDougall House, participants can be contacted on (08) 9313 2783

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