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The UFO Alliance
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Omens, Signs & Portents of Things to Come: The Shadow of Things to Come!

Weather Modification or Biowarfare over Amerika?
The Threat from Within: Chemtrails Over Amerika
Contrail (chemtrail) Activity in Santa Fe, New Mexico and more!
More Chemtrail links: Nationwide Chemtrail Protest and more!
Contrails Over Amerika
Black Helicopters, Unmarked Tankers, Planes- Triangular Shaped UFO's?
The Dragon Slayers (DS) News Group
Join in and be a part of the group!
eGroups Discussion Groups
Many other topics to discuss: Other groups to Join!
The Art Bell Home Page
Unsolved Mysteries of the Most Incredible Kind!
Chemtrails, Black Helicopters, Lots of Links!
The Contrail/Chemtrail Controversy over the Skies of Amerika
UFO's and Other Unsolved Mysteries
Great web site: Check out their Home Page at:
Last Trumpet Ministries: Monthly Newsletter and more! Highly Recommended!
Omens, Signs & Portents of the End-Times
The Power of Prophecy
Lots of Links- A Monthly Newsletter and More! Highly Recommended!
Ambassador Press
American Research Institute
Armageddon Books
The Bible
Biblical Discernment
Calvary Homepage
Christ the Way Publications
Christ Watch
Christian Bible Prophecy
Christian Conscience
Conspiracy Theories
Tax Help Online
Dan Pilla: Tax Help Online
Dial the Truth Ministries
Endtime Deception
End Time Ministries
Ephesians 5:11
Gayle Ross
Internet Watch
The Jeff Davis Show
The Last Days Journal
The Omega Times
Phil Arms Ministries
Prophecy House
WHRI Radio
Features Real Audio on the Internet
Towards Sovereignty on Planet Earth
Highly recommended! Plus links to a great Bulletin Board!
Prophecies of Edgar Cayce
Highly Recommended: This site is a "MUST SEE"! Go now!
Information on Colloidal Silver: check it out!
Great information on boosting your energy level and enhancing your immune system through use of Colloidal Silver!
Reported to be the best available source of a kit to make your own high quality COlloidal Silver! A must visit link!
Oxygen Therapy Web Site
Source of O@ MEGA - used in oxygen therapy
The Contrail Connection
List visitors from government and military sies: 60 plus and growing!
Michigan Based Contrail Site
Good information here!
United States Senate testimony before the Veterans' Affairs May 6, 1994
"Open Air Testing with Simulated Biological and Chemical Warfare Agents"
The Area 51 Web Site
Lots of information concerning topics you won't read about in the mainstream media!
Weather as a Force Multiplier:
Owning the Weather in 2025
Military Weather Analysis and Modification Systems
Read this one and know the Truth is Out There!
US CODE 50 SECTION 1520 - NOTE: "They" removed this from the site! SLEEP WELL...patrick
This law allows biowarfare testing on American Citizens - :)
Site features Maps of:
Spray and Population Densities! Very compelling!!!
The Forbidden Knowledge - of this Planet:
Information the Government(s) Doesn't / Don't Want you to Know - Your Mind will be Awakened- The Truth is Within!
The Philadelphie Experiment: from A to Z
Great historical rendering of this most controversial story (note: my late wife, Joan Whritenour, wrote a book with Brad Steiger on this subject!).

Contact Information

Send your e-mail to me for your recommended additional links to this page: Patrick O'Connell
Albuquerque, New Mexico
United States

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Earth Changes, Pole-Shift, and Related Environmental Links

Earth Spirit: The Coming Times
The Coming Times = The Times We're in - Enter the Future Now!
Prophets and Prophecy
Many CUltures, Religions, Races Represented: Edgar Cayce, Michael Scallion, and many more!
The Omega Code: The Movie
Deceptions of the End Times
The Harmonic Conquest of Space
Mt Rainier Deemed Most Dangerous
Links to EMF Information
EMF = Electro Magnetic Frequencies
The Cassiopaeans
Highly Recommended!
Transformation, Empowerment, Healing
We are about togo on a journey:
All Aboard!
Links to Many Pole SHift and
Earth Changes Sites --- Peter's Site is Highly Recommended!
Sound Health Resources
Highly Recommended!
Welcome to Antarctica
Great Images!
Rusty's Radar Anomolies
Great Site!
Radio Kaos
This one is a must visit site!
The Largest Contrail Site
Chemtrails or COntrails: They are both biochemical - biological attacks on planetary humans! Like it - or die!
Wilfrid Laurier University Video Collection
Handbook for the New Paradigm
Remote Mind Control Weapons
Must visit UK site!
Who is Dr Chet Snow?
Earth Shift - Pole Shift: 1998 - 2012
Stan & Holly Deyo: Dare to Prepare - for Who Dares, Wins!
The Earth Changes - Pole Shift: Get Ready Quickly!
The Millennium Group: Science in the Service of Humanity,
The Sun & Coronal Mass Ejections! Asteroids & Other Near Earth Object Info! Earthquakes & Weather Data! Survival Needs! Catastrophism and More!

Omens, Signs & Portents of Things to Come!


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Sightings on the Radio
Art Bell
Laura Lee

Researcher Sites


The remarkable research of Jose and Karen Escamilla regarding the
"Rods" of light phenomena. Compelling evidence. Flying "serpents" on film!
Illuminate your mind, go to this site.

The BlackByrd's Nest
International researcher, author, Stan Deyo's Web site in Australia.

Skywatch International
Bill Hamilton, Executive Director - SKYWATCH INTERNATIONAL
(a non-profit research organization).

Jaime Maussan
Mexico City UFO wave spokesman, Jaime Maussan's "Tercer Milenio"
(Third Millenium) television show page.

Crop Circle Connector
A must see. Check out the newest messages from our "friends."

The Leading Edge International Research Group



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"Your Source of UFO Information From Around the World."

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Gail Seymours
"Alien Abduction Experience and Research."

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"Explore the exciting and mysterious worlds of
ufology, astronomy and secret societies. Analyze the beautiful color
photos and thought provoking articles. Open your mind to the infinite
wonders of our universe and it's alien life-forms."

Robin - Of - Lox
Our Human/ET Origins, Alien Races, Alien Abduction,
My Personal Encounter Accounts, The WAR,
Alternative Science, Net Sensing.

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A Metaphysical And Science Page (Ellie Crystal)

Videos of Genesis III Publishing.

Interesting thoughts.


Conspiracy Journal: The best information about UFOs, the New World Order, Mind Control, Black Helicopters, and MORE!


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