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Peterborough's own SF writers' group was founded in 1994, and meets every other month in an informal setting to workshop stories and scenes from novels, produce instant writing, and discuss working methods and techniques. A "do-it-yourself" lunch is a feature of the day, and provides a social focus for what can after all be an isolated and lonely activity. The regular group consists of Helen and Mike Gould, Cardinal Cox (a.k.a. Pete, chairbadger extraordinaire of the Peterborough SF club), Darren Oldman, Nicki Beales and Sam Malone, with other occasional members.
Membership of the Peterborough SF club is not a condition of membership of the Writers' Group.

We cover SF, fantasy and horror, and aim to provide space in which these genres can flourish, where members can get feedback about their work from other writers in these genres, unbiased by mainstream hang-ups.

You can now read some of our short stories online.

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---Anthology Update---
As a group we have published two anthologies "Shadows on a broken wall", and "Mother Milk / Father Flywheel", and are currently working on our third, entitled  "Children of eternity".

The Agenda page now has details of meetings planned for 2000, and discussion notes from our last meetings.

---News for January---
The Writers Circle gets a mention in the January issue of "Peterborough Live" magazine.

---News for January---
Details from our discussion meeting on Alien Building.

---News for February---
Helen and representatives from the group are being interviewed for a program about writers to be shown by Channel 5.

There are some local writing courses being run over the next few months.

Read our old news from 1999

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