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Knitting Tip

Knot funny!

Do not... I repeat... do NOT knit from both ends of a skein at the same time! Every time I do this I say never again, yet here I am spending my morning untangling a spider web rather than knitting. Stupid, stupid, stupid! HINT: Unwinding from the outside of the skein, wind a second pull skein with about half the yarn. You don't need to cut the yarn this way. Why don't I ever listen to myself?  

Maxwell Smart: Wonder Dog

Hi... I'm Michelle Howard, wife of one, mother of two (three if you count Max), and an obsessive-compulsive knitter and collector of yarn and all things knitting. I'm a stay at home mom, though I do a little freelance writing for Friday night pizza money. Click on my daily log for ramblings, project updates, and I'll even throw in a few patterns.  Happy knitting!