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Here are some photos of our ancestors. Please check back periodically as we will be adding to our collection of family photos.  If you have a story or comment about any picture, send them to me by email and  I will try to add your story or picture to our Perrin Home Page.

The Indian Legend of Spy Hill

Kakapenace sat in his teepee
Dreaming of the days gone by.

For I'd asked him for the legend
Of the killing of the spy.

Long the old man hesitated,
Slowly then his answer came:
I will tell the native story
Of that Hill, and why it came.

Men in those days fought each other,
For our tribes would not agree;
Cree would fight the fierce Dacotah,
Saulteaux sometimes fought with Cree.

Once some Crees upon their travels
Pitched their camp close by that Hill;
There they loosed their tired ponies
Free to wander at their will.

Sunrise saw a young Cree hunter,
Climb the Hill to view around.
There he saw a Sioux marauder
Fast asleep upon the ground.

Kinistine, with angry visage,
Slowly crept upon the spy.
Stone in hand he struck the sleeper
Gloating as he watched him die.

From the spot beneath the dead man
All the sod he cut away.
"Ka-pa-kam-a-ou" he uttered
As he turned and strode away.

As a youth I journeyed thither,
Saw the place the spy had lain.
No grass then grew on the Hill top
On the spot the spy was slain.

Spy Hill. That's the name in English
Which the white man knows it by:
"Ka-pa-kam-a-ou"a we call it,
Meaning "Here I struck a spy".

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Jimmy Perrin

Perrin, whose real name was James LaCava, was born in New Orleans in 1916. He was a member of the U.S. Olympic boxing team before entering the professional ranks. His greatest years in the ring came in 1939 and 1940. By late 1940, he had rolled up 46 victories and had been defeated only three times. He was one of the world’s most successful boxers in 1939, winning 12 of 13 bouts. Perrin laid claim to the featherweight title by beating Bobby Ruffin and Joey Archibald in 1940 fights.