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Daniel Perryman Burial Ground, founded before the civil war by early settlers.  Four Miles South of Redbird, Wagoner County, Oklahoma.

This burial ground was situated on what was then unoccupied territory between the claims of Daniel Perryman and Lafayette Marshall. At the present time there is no inclosure around the plot and the land around it is cultivated, leaving the plot a space about twelve feet in width by twenty-five feet in length, grown up in briers and weeds. Unable to make any estimate as to the number of graves that were there. No doubt there are several graves that have been lost and plowed over in farming the surrounding land. There is only one marker with inscriptions in the plot and that is in the form of a small monument which is of marble, a square tapering shaft about five feet high with six inscriptions on the four sides.

1870-1870  Joanna Perryman
1872-1874  Grace L. Perryman
1850-1875  Phoebe (Perryman) Craig
1844-1872  Nancy (     ) Perryman
1869-1869  Nathaniel Perryman
1864-1874  John Cooper

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