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This burial ground has been used for years. Several years before the city of Tulsa took it over, which in 1906,  Dan Patton, a pioneer citizen of Tulsa, and a civil engineer, laid out the grounds for the cemetery.

This cemetery occupies 20 acres of ground and is bounded on the north by 8th street, on the east by Peoria Ave., on the south by 11th Street and on the west by Madison Street, or Midland Valley Railroad right-of-way.

When Tulsa took this cemetery over in 1906, there were 387 graves. A large number of these didn't have markers and do not even today as some of the bodies now buried here were removed from a burial ground on West 2nd Street, Tulsa,a near Frisco Street. This plat or parcel of ground is now occupied by building and Streets. This was Tulsa's first burial ground. This cemetery contains the graves of some of the most prominent of the early settlers, some being Indians. It is well cared for at this time by the city, under the supervision of one of the city commissioners.

1873-1937  John T. Bell
1891-1983  Adeline Emma (Perryman)  Davis, Davis, Buck
1886-1908  Andrew Thomas Burnette
1908-1908  Helen Arterly Davis
1902-1929  Augusta A. (Hodge) Drew
1902-1991  Earl Ernest Drew  <no marker>
1921-1941  Earline Anne Drew
1906-1978  Hazel (Chisler) Drew
1904-   ?    Roy Warren Drew  <no marker>
1853-1923  Electra J. (Hodge ) Ralston, Fife
1861-1923  Joanna M (Hodge) McElroy, Fox
1908-1908  David N. Harkness
1945-1919  Alvin Twitworth Hodge
1841-1920  David McKellop Hodge
1850-1929  Elam B. Hodge
1896-1912  Ethel Hodge
1875-1926  John N. Hodge
1882-1888  Maggie Hodge
1850-1935  Mary Jane (Burgess) Hodge
1894-1918  May Hodge
1877-1955  Minnie (Wimberly) Hodge
1898-1900  Oma M. Hodge
1905-1993  Sarah Ann (Perryman) Lane
1856-1922  Frank M. Matthewson
1846-1913  Adolphus D. Orcutt
1899-1902  Archibald M. Orcutt
1926-1940  Gene Bowman Orcutt
1903-1987  Guy Bowman Orcutt
1897-1902  Pleasant Eldon Orcutt
1913-1958  Samuel Augustus Orcutt
1881-1965  Arthur Robertson Perryman Sr.
1883-1886  Bessie Perryman
1835-1906  Caroline Jane (Garrison) Perryman
1851-1909  Cornelius B. Perryman
1885-1978  Daisy Louise (Gentry) Perryman
1855-1922  Eva Louella (Brown) Perryman
1922-1965  Kizzie A. Perryman
1863-1899  Lewis Wesley Perryman
1884-1934  Lillian May (         ) Perryman
1839-1903  Thomas Ward Perryman
1891-1975  Mabel (Ward) Perryman
1867-1962  Clarissa (Hodge) Perryman, Bell, Richards
1890-1911  Oma Gordon (McElroy) Slick
1870-1898  Nora (Perryman) Smiley

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