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The Perryman family Cemetery, one of Tulsa' oldest landmarks is located at the corner of 32nd Street and Utica Avenue, was laid out in 1848, a 150 x 150 foot plot,  by Lewis Perryman, a Creek Indian who owned most of what is now Tulsa. Lewis settled on Adams Creek about seven miles north and east of Broken Arrow in 1839 and in 1848 cholera plague caused the family to establish a new home south of Tulsey Tulova, Indian Territory. That year, Lewis built an impressive log house north of what is now 33rd Street and Rockford Avenue. The cemetery was then part of Perryman's 60,000 acre cattle ranch, which ran from the Arkansas River to Lynn Lane and from down Tulsa to Broken Arrow. Civil War soldiers were buried here in their blankets also as well as settlers with no burial sites of thier own. There is a real good chance that neighbors have houses built on top of Indian graves. All people buried there were either related to the Perrymans or were close friends. The Perryman Cemetery is owned and maintained by the Tulsa county historical Society.

1864-1905  Sarah Rosalie (      ) Perryman
1852-1933  Rachel (Alexander) Perryman
1897-1901  Charles Clinton Atkins
1899-1901  Helen Lucyle Atkins
1872-1891  Amos Beaver
1851-1880  David Milton Beaver
1907-1907  Charles Drew
1904-1904  Elsie R. Drew
1875-1934  Ernest Drew
1899-1900  Lela C. Drew
1905-1905  Luther Drew
1901-1908  Moses Warner Drew
1899-1899  Rachel F. Drew
1845-   ?     Warner W. Drew
1876-1912  Peter Grayson
1900-1900  (           ) Horner
1881-1901  Gracie Ollie (Moore) Perryman
1877-1888  Delila Partridge
1871-1892  Louisa W. Partridge
1915-1921  Abner Perryman
1878-1905  Abner G. Perryman
1871-1894  Andrew J. Perryman
1842-1886  China (Perryman) Partridge Thurman
1876-1913  Emeline (Perryman) Drew
1883-1937  George Beecher Perryman Jr.
1847-1899  George Beecher Perryman Sr.
1901-1901  Georgia Rachel Perryman
1872-1883  John H. Perryman
1840-1922  Josiah Chouteau Perryman
1838-1922  Legus Chouteau Perryman
1849-1879  Lydia (Perryman) Beaver
1870-1901  Moses S. Perryman
1899-1900  Noyal Perryman
1913-1930  Pleasant Porter Perryman
1902-1905  Theodore E. Perryman
1890-1911  Maude Evelyn (Reeder) Thurman
1904-1941  William B. Shirk
1911-1911  (       ) Thurman
1880-1907  Mary Alice (Thurman) Drew
1854-1909  William "Billy" Thurman
1910-1911  William Elmer Thurman

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