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SAMUELS CEMETERY, founded about 1840 by Mose Perryman. Six miles south of Redbird, Wagoner, Oklahoma

This old burial ground, in the early days, as known as the Mose Perryman grave yard as Mose Perryman was an extensive land holder and slave owner in the immediate vicinity, and it is claimed that he established the burial ground about 1840.

Jim Samuels was a slave of Mose Perryman previous to the civil war, and after the war and the slaves were made free, Jim Samuels resided in the immediate vicinity and when the allotments were eventually made to the freedmen, the land upon which the cemetery is situated, and part of the old Mose Perryman claim happened to be Jim Samuels allotment. Since that time it has been known as the Samuels grave yard. It is a beautiful plot, consisting of about six acres situated on a high slope, several large oaks and cedars shade the grounds. The older graves have no markers or inscriptions.

Mose Perryman, the original owner or claimant of the land on which this cemetery is located, and one of the first settlers of this part of the territory and operated a plantation with slaves is buried in this plot among the older graves, but has no marker.

1835-1878  Daniel Perryman
1827-1903  Jacob Perryman
1873-1876  Jane E. Perryman

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