Pete's 1969 Chevy Nova

A never ending project.

I love to talk about cars, and I wanted to learn how to write HTML, so this webpage is the result. I'll be updating this page regularly as I do more to my car and learn more about web building.
The Nova started life as a blue, 6 cylinder, 3 speed manual car. It already had a small block in it when I bought it last year. To be quite honest I wasn't looking for a Nova, but something about it just appealed to me. Since buying the car I've changed or modified just about everything on it.


    • Ported early style 2.02 double hump heads with Crane 1.6 roller rockers.
      Competition Cams Magnum .525 lift hydraulic cam with Competition Cams lifters.
      Ported Edelbrock Victor Jr. manifold and Holley 650 mechanical double pumper carb.
      GM HEI ignition with Accell Supercoil cap and Moroso 8mm wires.

  • Drivetrain
    • Full race Turbo 350 trans by Performance Transmissions in Lake Worth, Fl.
      TCI 10" 3500 stall converter.
      GM 12 bolt rear with Eaton posi, GM 4.88 gears, and Strange Engineering C-clip eliminator kit.
      Competition Engineering traction bars and Chassis Engineering driveshaft safety loop.

  • Exhaust
    • Hooker Comp 1-5/8" headers.
      Flowmaster Delta 40 Series mufflers.
      3" aluminized pipes with crossover.

  • I've done as much as I can to lighten the car without going the "tin and plexiglass" route. I swapped the power steering for manual, removed the heater box, core and controls, removed the parking brake and clutch pedal assemblies, deleted the radio and scraped 27 pounds of undercoating off of the chassis and floor.
    There is still a ton of work to be done on the car, including fabricating a better upper shock mount to move the shocks in more for tire clearance, fabricating a cowl induction setup and installing the Moroso aluminum water pump and underdrive pulleys I just got for it. Future plans include paint and restoring the interior as money allows. When the car is done I'll run it at Moroso Motorsports Park and post the ETs here. I'm hoping realistically for mid 12s on motor- if I can get it to hook up!
    Stay tuned for further updates! Pete
    Update 4/17/'01: After taking a couple of weeks off the Nova to help my neighbor fix his Ford (I will refrain from all jokes here!) and film a commercial for Disney (I do trick riding on a BMX bike) I'm working on the beast again. Besides finishing the rear end work I'm going to trim the front coil springs a tad to bring the front end down. I also have a new fuel system to plumb (what blue bottle? I don't see no stinkin' bottle...) C-ya!

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