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Allyson Lindemann is researching the names: McKechnie, Jacobson, Bailey, Reid, Blanchard, Cameron, Campbell and Hansen.

Barbara Sandberg is researching the following surnames: Jacob, Finnigan, Greenway and Larkin.

Beryl Nesbit is looking for the following surnames: Nesbet (Nesbit or Nisbet), Graham, Booth, Loree, Waddell, Taylor, Leiter, Brown and Cossette.

Brenda Davis is looking for Davis, Reeder and Darling.

Dorothy Friesen is researching McLeod.

Eileen Leinweber is looking for the following surnames: Deschamps, Therriault, Velleunuve/Villeneuve, Cyr, Teriot, Irvine, Ashley, Galipeau and Bourdon.

Elma Barnes is researching the following surnames: Barnes, Eagle, Orn, Rutherford, Rudnas and Bell.

Faye Wildeman is researching deSimencourt.

Irene Rigler is researching: Timm and Campbell.

Jean McFarland is researching the following names: Weathered, Lewin, Dixson/Dickson/Dixon, Eager, Etter, Needham, Powers, McHardy, Kohut, Askin, McDonald, Erskine, Toner, McKeown, Janes, Minkler, Hyde, Evarts, Arnell, McKinnon and Provost.

Joan Penner is looking for: Armour, Howie, Crawford, Douglas, Gunn and Walls.

Karen Hoeft is researching the names: McFarlane, Ast, Rutherford, Miller, Schoenthaler, Hoeft, Matice/Mattice, Allchin/Alchin, Belmore/Bellmore and McNaughton.

Karen Snodgrass - Click here to access Karenís site.

Karen Wight is searching for Wight, Froud, Ward and Surrage.

Linda Williams is searching for: Green, Burt, Jackson, Swetman and Williamson.

Lynn Andersen is researching Stoney.

Margaret Smith is researching the following: Davidson, Aitchison, Birchard, Young and Smith.

Mary Waddington is researching: Thibaudeau, Middaugh, Hughes, and Towner/Toner.

Maureen Hebert is searching for the following surnames: Berney, Callaghan, Kerrigan, Loftus, Sheppard, Shotton and Cain.

Maureen McGee is looking for Edwards, Thompson, Green, Rawson, McCapes/Macapes, Silvester, McGee, Herald, Phillips, Brady and Allen. Click here to access Maureen's Wilcox site or here to access her Edwards site.

Myrna Bailey is researching the names: Smith, Peterson, Letts, Williams, McIntyre, Bailey and Lambourne.

Nadine Nicholson needs information regarding Nicholson, Metcalfe, Donaldson, Dowson and Olsen.

Phyllis Bernard is searching for: Dardell, Dunsby, Saviory, Hill, Clare, Bowel, Bennett, Kedge, Barnett,Stevenson, Robinson, Groves, Farley, Butler, Adams, Holloway and Nichols.

Robin & Barbara Fairservice are looking for the following kin: Fairservice, Tottman, Mudge, Keens, Boakes, Packer, Morris, Bowen and Row/Roe. Click here to access Robin's site.

Ron & Barb Marwood are researching the names: Marwood, Scratch (Kratz), Wharram, Malthus, Wilkes, Moffat, Houliston.

Sharon Dow is looking for: Cattermole, Colman, Drake, Smith, Todd, Tebby, Roome, Harkness, Giddy, Leir, Dow, Grant, Harder, Klassen and Hassell.

Sharon Harrison is researching: McClure and Langivin.

Thelma Werschke is researching the names: Abernethy, Baylis, Cock, Donald, Embury, Fairweather, Goldie, Harding, Hick (s), Hill, Imberger, Kier, Lagor, Langrish, Lowe, Lyall, Matthew, McIntosh, Mufford, Robertson, Sims, Smith, Sturtridge, Udy, Varcoe and Werschke.



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