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Allyson Lindemann

Joan Penner

Maureen McGee

Barbara Sandberg

Judy Johnson

Melissa McConnachie

Beryl Nesbit

Karen Hoeft

Myrna Bailey

Brenda Davis

Karen Snodgrass

Nadine Nicholson

Clayton Turner

Karen Wight

Phyllis Bernard

Dean Mason

Keith Christensen

Robin & Barbara Fairservice

Dorothy Friesen

Kimberly & Walter Rorstrom-Wittig

Ron & Barb Marwood

Eileen Leinweber

Linda Williams

Sharon Dow

Elma Barnes

Lynn Andersen

Sharon Harrison

Ethel Yates

Peggy Rea

Shirley Fraser

Faye Wildeman

Margaret Smith

Terry Barnes

Gladys Goyer

Mary Waddington

Thelma Werschke

Irene Rigler

Marion Bartlett

Yvonne Gremaud

Jean McFarland

Maureen Hebert



Individual members now have their own pages, which can be accessed via the Prince George Genealogical Society Index page. The queries on this page, when and if they are received, will be more general in nature. However, while you’re here, check out our fantastic cookbooks.


The club has now had a perpetual calendar printed.

With this calendar you can see all of your special dates at a glance. Another great gift idea.



As a fund-raising effort the Prince George Genealogical Society has printed two cookbooks which we are very proud to tell fellow genealogists about. All funds from book sales are used to sponsor Seminars and Open House Days, as well as to pay the rent for our meeting room and the costs for our quarterly newsletter publication.

Of the two cookbooks, our first publication "A Bounty Of Recipes From The Past And Present For The Future" is more than 180 pages of fantastic recipes, printed on full sized 8"x10" paper, and sells for $12.50 (Canadian) plus shipping and handling. SOLD OUT

The second book that we published, "Genealogy Me'N'U' Cook Book" is smaller in size, printed on 5"x8" paper, containing 174 pages. It has lots of great family recipes and sells for $10.00 (Canadian) plus shipping and handling.

The recipes in both books were submitted by members, and families of members, and are as interesting and unique as the submitters themselves. The designing, printing, sorting and binding of both cookbooks was done entirely by club members. Our cook books also have lots of interesting genealogical tidbits and information, as well as jokes, words of wisdom, anecdotes, cooking and baking tips, etc. For more information you can either email me at my email address, or you can drop a line to us at; Prince George Genealogical Society, P.O. Box 1056, Prince George, B.C. Canada V2L 4V2.

Our Cookbooks are GREAT for All-Occasion Gift-Giving

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