Religious Links for Genealogical Purposes


Christian Churches Research --- these are general links non-specific to any particular denomination
Jewish Research
Mennonite and Amish Research


Christian Church Links

Anglican Church: Church History Resources

Catholic Church History and Genealogy Canada: Lots of links

Restoration Movement: Christian Churches & Churches of Christ & Disciples of Christ

Seventh Day Adventist: The Center for Adventist Research

United Church Archives Network: The United Church of Canada


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Jewish Research Links

Australian Jewish Genealogical Society, Inc.:


JewishGen: The Home of Jewish Genealogy

Jewish Genealogy: The Jewish History Resource Center

Jewish Genealogical Society of Great Britain:


Netherlands Society for Jewish Genealogy:

The Genealogy Homepage: Jewish Genealogy

The Jewish Heritage Centre of Western Canada:


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Mennonite and Amish Research

Amish, Mennonite & Anabaptist Genealogy:


Menno bits: Amish and Mennonite Obituaries from the Herald of Truth (1864-1907), Gospel Witness (1906-1907), Gospel Herald (1908-1998) the weekly newspaper of the Mennonite Church in North America

Menno Link: Mennonite Information Source

Mennonite Genealogy Links:


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