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2003 Series Old Bird Awards cookout

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2003 SCO Cookout and Awards ceremony

SCO club held its annual awards dinner at the park in Landrum, SC. L.J. Myers recieved the award for 2003 Champion Loft, Old Bird series. Frank McDonough recieved the award for average speed. Certificates for Club and Combine races were also handed out. Congratulations to everyone who flew the Old Bird Series. Everyone enjoyed some good food, good companionship and some good stories.

The rest of the club would like to thank L.J. Jim and their wives for setting this up. Now lets get ready for young bird season.


L.J. Meyers recieved the 2003 Old Bird Champion Loft Award

Enjoying each others company

The meeting place

I guess he does more than fly birds well.

Solving the worlds problems before dessert. L to R. Larry,Richard, Frank

I hope you all are hungry. Jim showing off his Hamburger placing on the grill technique.

A pigeon racer takes advantage of any occasion to toss his birds, as Frank and Richard demonstrate

Lets go home boys and girls. Shows over.