2004 Young Bird series Results



Congratulations to Mike McKinney and his RC cock 0795 for winning the AU National Ace award, 1st South Carolina

1st National Ace South Carolina

Frank McDonough 2004 Young Bird Series Champion Loft

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Overall Average speed

A Race Average speed

B Race Average speed

Overall Bird of the Year

A Race Bird of the Year

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Overall Champion Loft

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Burlington, NC 1a results

Burlington, NC 1A Combine results

Oxford, NC 2a results

Oxford, NC 2A Combine results

South Hill, VA 3a results

South Hill, Va 3A Combine results

Chester, VA 4a results

Chester, Va 4A Combine results

Burlington, NC 5a results

Burlington, NC 5A Combine results

Oxford, NC 6a results

Oxford, NC 6A Combine results

Henderson, NC 7a 11/14/04

Henderson, NC 7A Combine results

Burlington, NC 8a 11/21/04

Burlington, NC 8A Combine results

Burlington, NC 1b results

Burlington, NC 1B Combine reults

Oxford, NC 2b results

Oxford, NC 2B Combine results

South Hill, VA 3b results

South Hill, Va 3B Combine results

Chester, VA 4b results

Chester, Va 4B Combine results

Burlington,NC 5b results

Burlington, NC 5A Combine results

Oxford, NC 6b results

Oxford, NC 6B Combine results

Henderson, NC 7b 11/14/04

Henderson, NC 7B Combine results

Burlington, NC 8b 11/21/04

Burlington, NC 8B Combine results