2006 Young Bird Schedule/Results



Well the 2006 Young bird series has come to a close. We had a couple new flyers this year for Young birds and we really enjoyed getting our butts kicked by one of them. (Thanks Merl). Larry Pridmore joined us this year, after a few previous attempts, we think he has the bug now and we expect to hear more from him in the future. Merl Emerson comes to us from Florida where he ran the Americas King Cup one loft race. Evidently he brought some good birds and knoweledge up from Florida with him. Merl is our 2006 YB Champion loft flyer. Merl won 7 races while taking A,B and Overall Champion loft honors. Merl also took Average speed Honors for the A series and overall. AU 06 BMC 6124 BC Hen, a bird brought up from Florida was the A series Champion bird. Congrats Merl.


Other Honors go out to

Frank McDonough, Frank won 5 races on his way to taking the B series Average speed honors. While his BC Cock, AU 06 SCO 3280 captured A series Champion Bird honors.

Richard Davis, Richard won 3 races and took overall Champion bird Honors with his Blue bar Hen, AU 06 SCO 3739.

Jack Ruppe won the remaining race.

Nothing left to do now but get them ready for Old Bird races in the spring and start getting them youngsters ready for next year.

1A Neeses, SC


2A Fairfax, SC

2A Combine

3A ,Claxton, GA

3A Combine

4A Fairfax, SC

4A Combine

5A Claxton, GA

5A Combine

6A Nahunta, GA

6A Combine

7A Fairfax, SC

7A combine

8A Nahunta, GA

8A Combine

1B Neeses, SC


2B Fairfax, SC

2B Combine

3B Claxton, GA

3B Combine

4B Fairfax, SC

4B Combine

5B Claxton, GA

5B Combine

6B Nahunta, GA

6B Combine

7B Fairfax, SC

7B combine

8B Nahunta, GA

8B Combine

Year end Reports

Weekly Race Winners

Average Speed A races

Avg speed A combine

Average Speed B races

Avg speed B combine

Average Speed Overall

Avg speed overall combine

Champion Loft A Races

Champ loft A combine

Champion Loft B Races

Champ loft B combine

Champion Loft Overall

Champ loft overall combine

Champion Bird A Races

Champ bird A combine

Champion Bird B Races

Champ bird B combine

Champion Bird Overall

Champ bird overall combine