2007 Old Bird Series



2007 Old Bird loft map

Old bird racing has finally concluded.

Congrats again to Merl Emerson who claims the Champion Loft title for the second series in a row. Merl won 4 club races and 3 Combine races. Merl was Combine Champion loft "A Races" as well as 2nd Combine average speed "A Races" Merls Silver hen AU 06 BMC 6081 was Champion bird in the A series and BB H AU 06 OKIE 69 was overall Champion bird. Merl also won Average speed for the A series races.

Tommy Axson had very good season winning 6 club races and 5 Combine races. Tommy was also the Combine Average speed winner for the "B Races" His BB H AU 04 ORPC 4220 Was second overall in the South East Open and 1st South Carolina with a speed of 1214 YPM. Tommy also won Average Speed B series races as well as Champion loft B series. His BC C AU 06 ORPC 6565 was Champion bird in the B series.

Frank McDonough had a sucessful season winning 4 Club and 2 Combine races. Frank won Club Overall Average speed as well as 3rd Combine avergae speed in the "A races" and "B Races" 2nd Combine average speed "Overall". His DC C AU 06 3205 was 1st Club 4th Combine from the 500 Mile station and his BBSP C AU 05 SCO 2298 was overall Combine champion bird. And to top things off Frank won Combine Champion loft honors in the "A Races" and "Overall"

Dirk Bron won 2 Club and 1 Combine race.

Tim Whittman won the 1st race he ever entered, and was 2nd Combine with his DC C AU 06 SCO 4207.

Mike McKinneys BB C AU 06 SCO 4032 was 1st Club 2nd Combine from the 500 mile station.

Jefferson, GA 1A

1A Combine

Fairburn, Ga 2A

2A Combine

Birmingham, AL 3A

3A Combine


4A Combine

Fairburn, Ga 5A

5A Combine

Forest, MS 6A

6A Combine

Fairburn,GA 7A

7A Combine

Birmingham, AL 8A

8a Combine

Fairburn, Ga 9A

9A Combine

Jefferson, GA 1B

1B Combine

Fairburn, Ga 2B

2B Combine

Birmingham, AL 3B

3B Combine


4B Combine

Fairburn, GA 5B

5B Combine

Forest, MS 6B

6B Combine

Fairburn,GA 7B

7B Combine

Birmingham,AL 8B

8B Combine

Fairburn, GA 9B

9B Combine

Race Winners

Average speed A races

Avg speed Combine A

Average speed B races

Avg speed B Combine

Average speed A and B races

Avg speed A and B Combine

Champion bird A races

Champion Bird A Combine

Champion bird B races

Champion Bird B Combine

Champion bird A and B races

Champion Bird A and B Combine

Champion loft A races

Champion Loft A Combine

Champion loft B races

Champion Loft B Combine

Champion loft A and B races

Champion Loft A and B Combine