2007 Young Bird Series



2007 Young Bird band numbers by flyer

2007 Young bird series map

Well the 2007 Young bird series has come to a close. Once again... Congrats to Merl Emerson who won 8 Club races and at least 1 combine race. Was 1st A series Average speed and overall average speed. 1st A series Champion loft and Claims the overall "Champion Loft award".

Merls receives 2nd consecutive YB Award

Mike McKinney was hot on his heels this season winning 5 Club races and 1 combine race. Was 1st B series Average speed and B series Champion loft. Mike BB Hen Au 07 SCO 5097 was 1st A series Champion bird and his BC Cock AU 07 SCO 5021 was 1st B series Champion bird and overall Champion bird.
Jim Vare won 2 club races and LJ Meyers won his 1st Young Bird diploma by winning the 2 week of the season.
Get em ready for Old Bird season. See ya next year.

Augusta, Ga 1A results

1A Combine

Swainsboro, Ga 2A results

2A Combine

Vidalia, Ga 3A results

3A Combine

Swainsboro, Ga 4A results

4A Combine

Vidalia, Ga 5A results

5A combine

Waycross, GA 6A results

6A Combine

Swainsboro, Ga 7A results

7A Combine

Waycross, Ga 8A results

8A Combine

Augusta, Ga 1B results

1B Combine

Swainsboro, Ga 2B results

2B Combine

Vidalia, Ga 3B results

3B Combine

Swainsboro, Ga 4B results

4B combine

Vidalia, GA 5B results

5B Combine

Waycross, GA 6B results

6B Combine

Swainsboro, Ga 7B results

7B Combine

Waycross, GA 8B results

8B Combine

Weekly Winners

Loft of year


A series loft of year


B series Loft of year


Average Speed


A series Averge speed


B series Average speed


Bird of year


A series Bird of year


B series Bird of year


During the Young bird awards banquet. The club presented Herb Geier with a plague. Thanking him for his contributions and generosity to the club. health problems prompted Herb to give up the sport last year, his last gesture to the club was donating everything he had including birds to the club for auction. The sale of herbs donation netted over $900.00 which was used to rebuild the club trailer. Herb was and will remain a great friend to the members of the SCO club. Herb has been given Honorary Life membership to our club.

Thank You herb.

Herb receives token of our appreciation
Made Honorary Life Member