2010 Young Bird Season Recap


Well, the 2010 young bird season is in the books and I officially dub it a family affair. Frank McDonough and his Grandson William McDonough pretty much give us a good ole fashion beat down. Between the 2 of them they won all but the 1st race. Richard Davis was the bubble buster, but then again according to Franks wife Richard and Frank may as well be married so its only fitting. Anyway William won 8 races to Franks 7 races. William took Master Loft Honors in the A, B and Overall categories. Frank picked up the Champion Loft A, B and Overall as well as Average speed A, B and Overall. Franks DCWF Cock Au 10 SCO 784 took Champion Bird Honors. There were only two clubs flying in the Combine this season (very disappointing) however we still enjoyed it. William won 5 Combine races while claiming Master Loft A, B and Overall at the Combine level. Williams Grizzle Cock AU 10 SCO 748 took Champion Bird honors in the Combine.

Congratulations guys, good job, rest the old ones up and get them ready.



Club Results
Combine Results
1 A/B
Jefferson, Ga
Sept 17
Sept 18

1A Results

1B Results

1A Combine

1B Combine

2 A/B
Jefferson, Ga
Sept 24
Sept 25

2A Results

2B Results

2A Combine

2B Combine

3 A/B
Tucker, Ga
Oct 1
Oct 2

3A Results

3B Results

3A Combine

3B Combine

4 A/B
Tucker, Ga
Oct 8
Oct 9

4A Results

4B Results

4A Combine

4B Combine

5 A/B
Jefferson, Ga
Oct 15
Oct 16

Race 5A Results

Race 5B Results

5A Combine

5B Combine

6 A/B
Tucker, Ga
Oct 22
Oct 23

6A Results

6B Results

6A Combine

6B Combine

7 A/B
Hogansville, Ga
Oct 29
Oct 30

7A Results

7B Results

7A Combine

7B Combine

8 A/B
Opelika, Al
Nov 5
Nov 6

8A Results

8B Results

8A Combine

8B Combine


Master Loft

Master Loft A

Master loft B

Loft of Year

Loft of Year A

Loft of year B

Bird of the Year

Average Speed

Average Spped A

Average Speed B

Comb Master Loft

Comb Master Loft A

Comb Master Loft B

Comb Loft of Year

Comb Loft of Year A

Comb Loft of Year B

Comb Bird of Year

Combine Avg Speed

Combine Avg A

Combine Avg B