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IPigeon Listings

Piedmont Racing Pigeon Combine Annual Auction

Due to Covid 19

There were too many concerns relayed to us About a live event. Because of the uncertainty of participation at the event, we have made the difficult decision to replace the live auction and seminar with an online event on New IPigeon for 2021.

The auction will start Sunday 12/20/20 and run for 2 weeks through Sunday 1/3/2.

The proceeds from the auction go to help supplement shipping fees for the combine

Birds from these great and generous flyers will be available

Dick Fassio
Da Dong
Greek Connection
Pleasant Task Farms
Hugh Eckerich
385 Connection
Andy Skwiat
Robert Rotiroti
Big Andys Loft
Rick Nanez
Paul Johnson (White Rock Loft)
Mary & Jerry Heilmans
Bernard Barney
Frank McDonough
John Gutierrez
Michael Tomczak
Winds N Wings loft
Tony Yang
Samual Miller
Sunshine Loft
Steve Jennie