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In Memory

The Members of the Spartanburg County Racing Pigeon Club, bid Farewell to one of our founding members. Boyce Suttles age 78, passed away Sunday, December 28th 2008. Boyce had been declining in health and had not competed for many years. He loved having Pigeons though and kept them, with the help of his wife, up until he passed. He will be missed. May you rest in Peace Boyce. SCO.

Boyce with a couple young Whites

In Memory of Frank and Diane King. Frank and Diane moved here from New York around 2006. Frank was a retired Fireman and a good pigeon man. He lost a battle with cancer 9/6/12 after which his wife Diane suffered a sever stroke and passed away 1 week later on 9/13/12. They will both be missed. R.I.P. Frank and Diane.


The members of the Spartanburg County Racing pigeon club, would like to bid a fond farewell to one of oldest members.
78 year old Herb Geier Died Saturday 3/16/13 after an accident on his 4 wheeler. Herb had retired from racing due to health problem a few years ago. But when he raced he was serious about it. I witnessed him flying a whole OB season with 2 birds once. He didn't throw in the towel just because he didn't have a lot of birds to fly, "You only need one" was his motto. Good bye Herb. R.I.P. your friends at the SCO.