Piedmont Racing Pigeon Combine

Annual show and auction.


Where:             Stanley Community Center in Stanley, NC.

When:              Saturday, January 8th 2004. Registration from 9:00am to 10:30am.


Entries: Racing type pigeons only, NO SHOW TYPE BIRDS ALLOWED.

Entry fee:          $2.00 per bird for entries post marked on or before December 31st, 2004.Entries received after this will be $2.50 per bird.


Show Classes


100 mile young hen                    100 mile young cock

200 mile young hen                    200 mile young cock


100 mile old hen                          100 mile old cock

200 mile old hen                          200 mile old cock

300 mile old hen                          300 mile old cock

400 mile old hen                          400 mile old cock

500 mile old hen                          500 mile old cock



only open to piedmont combine members

Unflown young hen                unflown young cock

Unflown old hen                      unflown old cock



eyesign young hen                   eyesign young cock

eyesign old hen              eyesign old cock


Note:            To qualify for a mileage class, the entered bird must have been entered and flown in a race of at least the distance of the class entered.

NOTE:            Best of show can only come from a mileage class.


Each class winner will receive a bag of feed.

1st 4 places in each class will be awarded ribbons.

Trophies to:      best young hen, best young cock

best old hen, best old cock

best old bird in show, best young bird in show

best in show

best unflown in show

best eyesign in show.