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Edmund John Millington Synge

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A Question


Beside a chapel I'd a room looked down,
Where all the women from the farm and town,
On Holy-days and Sundays used to pass

To marriages, and christenings, and to Mass.
Then I sat lonely watching score and score,
Till I turned jealous of the Lord next door
Now by this window, where there's none can see,
The Lord God's jealous of yourself and me.

"A Question"


I asked if I got sick and died, would you
With my black funeral go walking too,
If you'd stand close to hear them talk or pray
While I'm let down in the steep bank of clay.

And, No, you said, for if you saw a crew
Of living idiots, pressing round the new
Oak coffin ? they alive, I dead beneath
That board, -- you'd rave and rend them with your teeth.




2000 Elena and Yacov Feldman