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Page In The World......Ever

This page is dedicated to all kinds of melodic pop music, which is the kind of music I love more than any other kind of music.

There are a lot of pop pages on the net, but most of them are American, and since we in Europe have sort of another view, know other artists, and may go in the shops and buy other records I believe this page will be a great supplementary to the pages already on the net.

This page neither is a Power Pop only page. In fact I have chosen not to focus too much on Power Pop since there are so many Power Pop pages on the net anyway. (US pop fans seem to be better organized than us European pop fans)

Still there is some stuff to check out here, like The History of Melodic Pop.

I have also included here a Guide to European pop for all you people out there who don't know what to check out.

This page was made by Grete Hengro.