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To check out books from our library send an email to our Librarian.  The books will be brought to the next club meeting. You may check out up to 3 books at a time and keep them for one month.  They are due back at the next club meeting, unless prior arrangements have been made. 

Garden Design

Title                                                                Author

Complete Guide to Creative             
 Landscape, The
Black & Decker
Natural Landscaping
Roth, Sally

Garden Plants, Ornaments, Structures                                           

Titles                                                              Author

A-Z  Encyclopedia of Garden  Design     
American Horticultural Society
Private Lives of Plants, The
Attenborough, David
Step by Step Ornamental Grasses
Better Homes & Garden
Encyclopedia of Gardening, The
Beverley, Deena
Planting Companions
Billington, Jill
Portrait of a Garden (2 copies)
Chicago Botanical Gardens
Growing Perennials In Cold Climates
Heger, Mike
Evening Garden, The
Loewer, Peter
Pruning, A Practical Guide
McHoy, Peter
Overheads, Sheds, & Gazebos
Ortho Books
A-Z  Evergreens & Shrubs
Reader's Digest
Outdoor Furniture for the Backyard Builder
Romantic Garden, The
Rose, Graham
A Japanese Touch For Your Garden
Seike, Kiyoshi
Garden Ornament
Smith, Linda
Complete Garden Guide, The
Whitner, Jan


Title                                                                Author

Pond & Brook     
Cadutp, Michael
Creating a Butterfly Garden
Schneck, Marcus

Pond & Water Gardening

Title                                                               Author

Water In The Garden                  
Allison, James
Advanced Construction Techniques
Aquascape Designs
Succeeding & Prospering With
Water Features (video)
Aquascape Designs
The Lotus, Know It & Grow It         
Billing, Kelly
Natural Water Garden, The
Brooklyn Botanic Garden
Water Gardening
Brooklyn Botanic Garden
Pond Owner's Problem Solver
Dawes, John
Water Gardens
Dunn, Teri
Ponders Bible
Lovgren, Gosta
Water Plants
Mikoljski, Andrew
Complete Pond Builder, The
Nash, Helen
Low- Maintenance Water Gardens
Nash, Helen
Plants for Water Gardens
Nash, Helen

Pond Doctor, The

Nash, Helen

Water Gardening Basics

Nash, Helen

Water Gardening in Contaniners

Nash, Helen

Pond Construction Made Easy


Pond Design & Filtration


All About Water Gardening

Ortho Books

Complete Guide to Water Gardening

Robinson, Peter

Garden Pool, Fountains & Waterfalls

Sunset  Books

Water Gardens

Sunset  Books

Container Water Gardens

Swindells, Phillip

Pond Fish

Title                                                                 Author 

Completely Illustrated Guide To               
Axelrod, Dr. Herbert
Koi Varieties
Axlerod, Dr. Herbert
Goldfish & Koi In Your Home
Axelrod, Dr. Herbert
Professional's Guide To Koi Health
Barrie, Anmarie
Art of Koi Keeping, The
Cole, Peter
A Commonsense Guide To Koi
Fairfield, Terry
Goldfish As A Hobby
Hilbe, Robert
Koi Appreciation
McGill, Kate
Living Pond, The
Nash, Helen
Koi Breeding
Rothbard, Samuel
Tetra Encyclopedia of Koi, The
Tetra Press

AKCA Books & Guides

Title                                                                Author

Guide To Pre-Filters and Filters
Guide To Pond Construction
Guide To Koi Nutrtion II
Guide To Koi Health
Practical Koi Keeping Vol. 1
Practical Koi Keeping Vol. 2
Practical Koi Keeping Vol. 3
Koi ( used by S. Bevard, KHA )
Fujita, Grant
Koi Health and Disease ( used by
 S. Bevard, KHA )
Johnson, Dr. Erik

You can always reach our librarian by email at Librarian