Saturday, 3 July 2010
Sapin vs paraguay
Mood:  cool
Best Team win

Posted by pretty_light at 2:25 PM EDT
World Cup 2010
Mood:  happy
LaughingGermany won against Argentina   4-0  

Posted by pretty_light at 12:03 PM EDT
Tour de France -Rotterdam
Mood:  happy
Topic: Tour de France - Rotterdam
I will watch tour de France on my Balcony since it's raining...I hope rain stops when they start.....and  I'm hoping for Germany to win against Argentina in world cup starts 16:00 today...

Posted by pretty_light at 9:35 AM EDT
Sunday, 22 March 2009
Mood:  happy
Topic: Antwerp

this church or cathedral is in Antwerp just around the centrum walking distance from the Station.It looks beautiful and enormous...very captivating to the eyes of every tourist...again Happy happy birthday to Mathias Berndt...11:18:52


Posted by pretty_light at 6:13 AM EDT
Mood:  cool
Topic: Matt B-day
A very happy birthday to Matt Berndt....We went to Antwerp malling & shopping around the City...the trip going there with the train was so busy pack with travellers going to Antwerp and Brussels...well we manage to take our sit separately but anyway  everything went well the Argentinian Restaurant  serve good food and we went for a brunch in one of Antwerp's Bon bon shop which I forget the name..and then the shopping and looking around for my surprise he bought me a ring...can't almost believe that he is celebrating his birthday and buying me a ringSmileWe went to this Mall..I think it's called "feestzaal"

Posted by pretty_light at 6:00 AM EDT
Sunday, 15 March 2009
Cassy's Birthday
Mood:  happy
Topic: My Daughter
Cassy will be celebrating her 5th birthday  on March 26 ....Happy Birthday from mommyKiss...can't wait to see you anak guapa.

Posted by pretty_light at 5:04 AM EDT
Updated: Sunday, 15 March 2009 1:14 PM EDT
Mood:  happy
Topic: Introduction
Hello friends ...I'm Luzbella from the sunny Philippines you can call me Lucy in short...In the net my SN is pretty_light as it is how  my name defined in Luz means Light while Bella means beautiful or present I work and live in the Rotterdam, the Netherlands..
I would like to introduce my very special someone in my life ..his name is Matt hails from Germany but we both work and resides in Rotterdam .
On the 23rd of March he will be celebrating his birthday..We are hoping it would be a nice weather since we are planning of going out...outside Holland...btw it's a beautiful sunday morning Im just about to prepare my coffee and baking bread in the oven..I think I have to log out now...see u next time again bye and have a nice weekend to everyone...Laughing

Posted by pretty_light at 3:23 AM EDT

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