The work of T. H. Moray

Thomas Henry Moray did amazing research on a device that eventually produced over 50,000 watts of electricity during short periods of time. Moray lit large banks of light bulbs with his device. You could even say that Dr. T.H. Moray could be described as the definition of the term, "free energy inventor".

Our research into T.H. Moray has been ongoing for over 2 years now. We have had some limited successes, but have also met with some failure to replicate his device with the available information. Most of the information available to researchers is in the form of a book called, "The Sea of Energy in which the Earth Floats". There were several revisions to this book, each telling more or less the same general thing. Moray appears to have tried to encrypt his ideas and results in a very novel style of writing. He appears to have tried to relay his message as some type of Shakespearean novelist. Not the correct to convey electrical theory to the world.

Due to this writing style, and the fact that his sons in later versions of the book, deleted crucial portions of the writing; the entire series of works are being analyzed word by word for their cryptic meanings. The Morays chose to make omissions to the works citing that the compounds that he used were proprietary.  Since Moray has been deceased for many years, and the family has not come forward with any type of   proprietary formula that is being used in anything of value, I cannot understand why this information has not surfaced. Surely there must be someone who knows exactly what the secret to his device was.

There have been many THEORIES about the secret to the Moray device. The explanations range from the device being an atomic battery to the explanation that Moray was a psychic transferring energy to the system. This was also a ridiculous explanation for the Hendershot device at one point. As we uncover more scientific answers to the mysterious Moray device, we will place them on this site. Until such time, our exact research results are not being made public.

Other T.H. Moray researchers

We are closely following the most outspoken researcher of Dr. Moray, Bruce Perreault. Mr. Perreault has been researching Moray for many years now. Perreault claims to have discovered the secret to the Moray device, but has revealed little of it. At one point, he claimed to have discovered that the key was a device known as a, "capture capacitor". Upon careful examination, this must be dismissed as a wishful thinking. The capture capacitor is only a homemade alkaline battery. I seriously doubt that Moray used a series of  primitive Duracells® in his device. Perreault has had some good ideas and is always open for a good discussion on the newsgroups. He also sells CDs of Morays books, along with a complete collection of Tesla patents. His site is Nu Energy Horizons.