LaTrice G. Haney, RN-BSN, Clinical Nurse Expert

          "The Angel"


Best known as cyclist Lance Armstrong’s “Angel”, in his 2001 autobiography, LaTrice Haney
has gained worldwide notoriety. Yet, fame and notoriety are not readily associated with
nursing and did not lead her to the profession. Born in Gary, she was the youngest of
three children, hence the name LaTrice, meaning “the third”. Since the age of 17, becoming
a nurse had always been one of LaTrice’s goals. Her junior year of high school, she was
admitted to the hospital with a fever of 103º F. After spending several days hospitalized
near death, the cause of her illness was determined to be a severe viral infection of an
unknown source. The speedy recovery that followed was described as nothing less than a
miracle, according to the nurses caring for her. It was during her illness that LaTrice
noted the compassion and professionalism of the nursing staff, qualities which drew her
into the profession. When asked how she got into nursing she says, “I didn’t choose it, it
chose me.” Since completing her Bachelor’s degree in nursing at Indiana University in
1988, she has been working in the oncology specialty for over 15 years. In 2002, her clinical
skills and expertise were sought by a leading pharmaceutical company, where she currently
focuses on breast cancer research.

Career Highlights

Her rich love for people landed her in the lives of two amazing cancer survivors.
Because of her extraordinary care, she was credited for being Lance Armstrong’s “Angel”
during his battle with testicular cancer in 1996. Lance went on to win The Tour de France
for five consecutive years. LaTrice also participated on the medical team taking care of
Dr. Jerri Nielsen, the physician who discovered her breast cancer when she was stationed
at the South Pole in 1999. She has been recognized in both authors’ books, “It’s not about
the Bike: My Journey Back to Life” and “Icebound”. Her appearances on television have
included: Prime Time with Diane Sawyer, Oprah, ESPN, and local broadcasts. She was
also chosen to carry the Olympic Torch in the 2002 Winter Games, which she describes as one
of the most awesome feelings in the world.

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