Welcome to Berry Cute Site! This part of the website will also be called Raincurl's Cloud.
We began collecting in the summer of 2001, when a neighbor gave us eight ponies, and have found numerous ponies at thrift stores and garage sales. They're wonderful! Big thanks to Cougarkitten/Kristen for sharing her love of ponies. We have a whole herd now and would like to share our pictures!

Pina Colada (Tropical Pony)

Tootie Tails (Tropical Pony)

Sea Breeze  (Tropical Pony)
Sparkler (Merry Go Round Ponies)
Sunnybunch (Merry Go Round Ponies)

Buzzer (Summer Wings)
Dangles (7th Gen Earth pony)


Merry Treat (Christmas pony)

Apple Delight, mom (Loving Family Ponies)

Apple Delight, dad (Loving Family Ponies)
Apple Delight, baby (Loving Family Ponies)

Sparkler (Unicorns/Pegasi)

Beachball (Sunshine Pony)--hair changes color in the sun
Night Glider (Twice as Fancy Ponies)
Pony Bride
Lickety Split (Beddy Bye Eyes Pony)
Player (Dance 'n Prance Pony)She winds up and her tail spins around
Yum Yum (Flutter Pony)
Zig Zag (Pony Friend)
Peppermint Crunch (Sundae Best Pony) Much cuter in person!
Fifi (First Tooth Baby Pony)
Princess Dawn (Princess Pony) Missing her green wand and yellow crown.

Unknown! We have two of this little sweetie.

Curly Locks (Brush 'n Grow Pony) Clicking her head makes her tail retract! Missing two heart-shaped barrettes.

Updated 6/14/03

This website is not affliated with Mattel or Hasbro, or the copyright My Little Ponies.
It has been established for educational purposes and to display a private collection.

BIG thanks to Princess Sapphire's Creations!
She provided the web elements on this page.
Visit her page for great pictures. :)


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