Horse Poems: 500+ for Nico Wind

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Horse Poems - 45

The favorite poem for 2005,
Forty-five Poems for Nico Wind,
is "For My Daughter on Her Twenty-first Birthday"
by Ellen Bass.
My favorite of 45 poems for 2005 is poem that, when I first read it, made me sob because of the closeness of its words to how I feel about my own beautiful girl, Nico: "For My Daughter on Her Twenty-first Birthday" by Ellen Bass.  


When they laid you in the crook
of my arms like a bouquet and I looked
into your eyes, dark bits of evening sky,
I thought, of course this is you,
like a person who has never seen the sea
can recognize it instantly.

They pulled you from me like a cork
and all the love flowed out. I adored you
with the squandering passion of spring
that shoots green from every pore.

You dug me out like a well. You lit
the deadwood of my heart. You pinned me
to the earth with the points of stars.

I was sure that kind of love would be
enough. I thought I was your mother.
How could I have known that over and over
you would crack the sky like lightning,
illuminating all my fears, my weaknesses, my sins.

Massive the burden this flesh
must learn to bear, like mules of love.


Bass, Ellen

Mules of Love.  Rochester:  BOA Editions.  2002.




1.      A Little Perspective – Willis Lamm,


2.      A Moment at Dusk – Kimberly Freeman


3.      Absence – Billy Collins

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4.      Alex – Mary Oliver

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5.      All Through the Rains – Gary Snider

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6.      Appaloosa Mare, The – Hilma (Volcano) Volk


7.      August 1972 – Adrienne Rich

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8.      Beneath a Portrait of a Horse – Anne Hanley

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9.      Birth of the Foal – Ferenc Juhasz

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10.    Black Beauty – Judith Barrington

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11.    Bronco That Would Not Be Broken, The – Vachel Lindsay


12.    Buffalo Bill – Carl Sandburg

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13.    Burial of the Minnisink – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow



14.    Clip Clop (Ode to Equus) – Barns and Barns


15.    Earth and I Gave You Turquoise – N. Scott Momaday

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16.    For My Daughter On Her Twenty-First Birthday – Ellen Bass

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17.    Harvest – Judith Barrington

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18.    Here’s Your Mule – C.D. Benson

19.    Horse – John Donne


20.    Horse, The – Ronald Duncan

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21.    Horse Pavillion, The – Elizabeth Harvor

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22.    Horses – Annalynn Hammond


23.    Iron Horse of Winter – Patrick Boyd

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24.    Jingle Bells (One-Horse Open Sleigh) – James Lord Pierpont


25.    Just Horsing Around – Grandpa Tucker


26.    Lippinzaner, The – Edvard Kochek


27.    Living Without Horses – Judith Barrington

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28.    Man From Snowy River, The – Banjo Paterson

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29.    Matins – Andrease Embiricos


30.    Mr. Ed – Ray Evans and Jay Livingston


31.    Nine Horses – Billy Collins

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32.    Ode to Equus – Kimberly Freeman


33.    Old Whim Horse, The – Edward Dyson


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35.    Poet, The – Judith Barrington

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36.    Ride A Cock Horse – Mother Goose (Public Domaine)


37.    Ride Me Down Easy – Author Unknown


38.    Skyball Paint – Author Unknown


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40.    Stewball – Folk Song


41.    Taku Skanskan – Paula Gunn Allen

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42.    We came into this life all naked and bare – Anonymous



43.    White Horse – Mac McAnear


44.    Why Young Girls Like to Ride Bareback – Judith Barrington

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45.    Wild Horse, The – Yadollah Maftoun Amini