Horse Poems: 500+ for Nico Wind

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Mom's Poems For Nico


Poetry by Anne Morin, Nico's Mom

Bakelite Horses and Riders


Ridden hard by cowboys and Indians

A few tin soldiers and one molded beige girl,

My brother’s stable of plastic horses

Races ever forward,

Guided through swaths of rose flowered carpet.


They prance and they gallop, tails flying,

Riders thrust forward, holding guns and fine bows.

I greatly admire two riderless blacks;

They rear up on two legs. Hooves fly!

O brave rebels who will not join the fight!


A gold palomino with four white stockings

Calls out to be stolen: Is heard.

Fingers sneak in a ride

While the god’s back is turned.

It’s totally worth the smack.


Seriously bowlegged,

One all brown cowboy sends glares;

Hat pulled down over his face,

He sits it out on a nearby shelf.

We commiserate.


Sometimes when I am lucky

My brother offers that plucky beige girl

And a horse he’s decided is lame.

I don’t care! We ride, scream wild abandon

From the fabric of roses to a sunset of oaken floor.


Anne Morin

June, 2006






You are my side-kick,

my galloping girl,

a frolic on the plain

of our lives.


You’ve given me life,

a nicker a minute,

reasons to anticipate

the rest of our journey.


Thank you.


Anne Morin










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