Horse Poems: 500+ for Nico Wind

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Horse Poems - 42

The favorite poem for 2002,
Forty-two Poems for Nico Wind,
is "Wild Horse," by Jewel.
Actually, my favorite poem for 2002 would have to be James Wright's "In Memory of the Horse David, Who Ate One of My Poems," but you'll have to look that one up yourselves; it's too difficult to add here.  So I'll go for Jewel's "Wild Horse,"  which I was very surprised to love as much as I do.
Wild Horse
I'd like to call you my wild horse
and feed your silver sage
I'd like to paint my poems
with desert tongued clay
your back
and ride you savagely
as the sweet southern wind
through a green and wild Kentucky
I'd like to make you my secret sun
blazing dark and red in the orchards
and I would steal away
to watch the way
your silver belly bends
and bows beneath me
I'd make you my wings
in the foothills of Montana
my liver in the oceans of the world
I'd make you my many calico children
and scatter you
the green memories of home
I'd be your hungry Valley
and sow your golden fields of wheat
in my womb


Forty-two Horse Poems for Nico Wind
1.  "40,000"  - Bukowski, Charles.  Betting on the Muse: Poems & Stories.  New York: HarperCollins Publishers. 2002. 
2.  "A Fable For Poets" - McGrath, Thomas.  Death Poems. Port Townsend, WA: Copper Canyon Press. 1988.
3.  "A Woman Driving" - Hardy, Thomas  Collected Poems of Thomas Hardy. 1926.
4.  After Twenty Years" - Duniway, Abigail Scott [Google] My Musings. Portland, Or: Duniway Publishing Co. 1875.
5.  "Anonymous Drawing" - Justice, Donald Collected Poems. New York:  Knopf Doubleday Publishing. 1994.
6.  "Because I Could Not Stop for Death" - Dickinson, Emily Johnson, Thomas H. (ed.) The Complete Poems of Emily Dickinson. New York: Little Brown & Company. 1960.
7.  "Brumby's Run" - Paterson, A. B. "Banjo"
8.  "Cirque d'Hiver" - Bishop, Elizabeth  The New Yorker, Jan. 27, 1940. p. 23.
9.  "The Dead Have Nothing to Lose by Telling the Truth" - Bell, Marvin
10. "Don't Let That Horse Eat That Violin" - Ferlinghetti, Lawrence [Google] A Coney Island of the Mind. New York:  New Directions Books. 1958.
11.  "The Dream" - Bogan, Louise A Poet's Prose: Selected Writings of Louise Bogan. Athens, OH: Swallow Press. 2005.
13.  "The Eye-mote" - Plath, Silvia The Collected Poems of Silvia Plath.  New York: Perennial. 1981.
14.  "For the Wild Ones" - Bobbi Royle
15.  "Horse" - Gluck, Louise The First Four Books of Poems. New York: Harper Collins. 1999.
15.  "Horseplay" - Ehlers, Kathryn
17.  "The Horses" - Swanberg, Ingrid
18.  "Hunting Song" - Finkel, Donald
19.  "In Memory of the Horse David, Who Ate One of my Poems" - Wright, James
22.  "Merry-Go-Round: Colored Child at Carnival" - Hughes, Langston
24.  "No. 6" - Bukowski, Charles
29.  "She Was a Pretty Horse" - Harjo, Joy [google]
30.  "Sheep in Fog" - Plath, Silvia
31.  "Song of the Horse" - Navajo
33.  "Stargrazing" - Bristol, R. Annette
34.  "Student Writing" - Salisbury, Ralph
35.  "That Little Blue Roan" - Kiskaddon, Bruce
36.  "Two Horses, One by the Roadside" - Haines, John
37.  "The War God's Horse Song" - Tall Kiaah'ni
39.  "Wild Horse" - Jewel
40.  "Wild Horse Lore" - Stafford, William

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