Horse Poems: 500+ for Nico Wind

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Horse Poems - 48

The favorite poem for 2008,
Forty-eight Poems for Nico Wind,
is "When I am Old," by Jessica (last name unknown).
This year, 2008, Nico requested that she be the one to choose the favorite poem of the year that is printed on the page.   She knew right away which poem she wanted, and so it appears below, along with the other 47 poems for her 48th year of life.  Happy Birthday, Nico Wind! 

When I am Old


I shall wear turquoise

And a straw cowboy hat that

doesn’t match and doesn’t suit me.

And I shall spend my social security

on white wine and carrots

And sit in the alley way of my barn

And listen to my horses breathe.


I will sneak out in the middle of a summer night

And ride the dappled mare

Across the moonstruck meadow,

If my old bones will allow.

And when people come to call, I will smile and nod,

As I walk them past the gardens to the barn

And show, instead, the flowers growing there.


In stalls fresh-lined with straw

I will learn to shovel and sweat and

wear hay in my hair as if it were a jewel.

And I will be an embarrassment to all

who look down on me

Who have not yet found the peace in being free

To love a horse as a friend,

A friend who waits at midnight hour

With a soft muzzle, welcome nicker and patient eyes


For this is the kind of person I will be

When I am old.


Jessica (Last Name Unknown)





1.         An Imagined Horse Disguised as a Young Girl – Beth Anstandig


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6.         Day Mares – Wilhelmina Stitch


7.         Fly-Away Horse, The – Eugene Field


8.         For What Binds Us – Jane Hirshfield


9.         Four Fiery Steeds Impatient of the Rein – William Wordsworth


10.       Four Mares – Katherine Fallon


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15.       He’s the colour of the nutmeg. . . from Henry V (III, 7) – William Shakespeare


16.       Horses, The – Ted Hughes


17.       Horses and Men in Rain – Carl Sandburg


18.       Horses in the Air – Jorge Guillen


19.       Hoss, The – James Riley Whitcomb


20.       How the Old Horse Won the Bet – Oliver Wendell Holmes


21.       I Bet – Terrell Adsit Neuage


22.       In Praise of the Horse – Ronald Duncan


23.       Live Like Horses – Lyrics: Bernie Taupin, artists Elton John & Luciano Pavarotti


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25.       Man and His Horse, The – Anne Finch, Countess of Winchelsea (1661-1720)


26.       My Horse – Bonnie Lewis


27.       Ocean Stallions – B. J. Olvera


28.       Palomino Stallion, The – Alden Nowlan


29.       Perspective – Maxine Kumin


30.       Poet Goes to Indiana, The – Mary Oliver


31.       Sam’s Race Horse – Marriott Edgar


32.       Saturday Matinee – Mary Crow


33.       Seahorse – Peter Cooper


34.       Seahorse Roundup – Paul D. Haemig


35.       Sheridan’s Ride – Thomas Buchanan Read (1822-72)


36.       Sleigh-Bells, The – Susanna Moodie


37.       Somewhere in Time’s Own Space – Stanley (Cap) Harrison


38.       Spring Evening on Blind Mountain – Louise Erdrich


39.       Statues in the Park – Billy Collins


40.       Team of Workhorses, The – Robert Bly


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42.       To the Appaloosa – Mary Lynn Walker


43.       Twenty-Fourth Poem About Horses, A – John Peck


44.       Weakness – Alden Nowles


45.       When I am Old – Jessica (Last Name Unknown)


46.       Wild Mares – Ogden McGahan


47.       Windhorse – Suzanne Rancourt (Abenaki/Montaignes


48.       Winter Sun – Matsuo Basho (trans. Davis Landis Barnhill)