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Protestant Hinduism



Who is a Protestant Hindu

Protestant Hindu is nothing but the true and reformed form of Hindu religion that excludes the identified evils of Hindu practices. It mainly shuns and dissolves the hereditary caste system and any forms of mis-treatment of our women.

We wish to shun the idea of caste system as a wrongly motivated and selfish practice. Everyone belongs to One class called "Human" - who is governed by "The supreme being". All humans are born equal and His contribution and value in the society makes him a "Kshatriya" ( The brave and the saviour of the rest), a "Brahmana" ( The learned and the intellectual ), a "Businessman" ( One who is proficient in making money and improving the economy of the society), a "Skilled-Worker" ( One who is the hand, feet and machinery behind the running of the society). It is totally by virtue of ones capability after his birth that one becomes one of the above four.

Just as a child is born without any skill or intelligence, the same way the same child doesn't automatically become any of the above four social pillar.

The name "Protestant Hinduism" is taken from "Protestant Christian". The name will thus immdiately give the idea as to what this movement is all about.

The reform movement of Hinduism is not new and did not start today. It has always been there and lots of reformed ideas are now practised in Hinduism now. Lots of great leaders of India, great reformists like Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar, Rama Krishna, Raja Ram Mohan Roy etc and many re-incarnations of God like Buddha, Mahavira are our motivators and leaders.

We need to reform the great religion of Hinduism because otherwise it'll also vanish with its greatness like the Egyptian or Babylonian or Roman cultures did if we blindly shun the religion and get ourselves converted to Christianity or other newer religions.

Our goal is to identify and uphold the greatness of its teachings and practices and at the same time get rid of its evil practices.

The world is arriving into the concept of One religion One world. Its natural because ultimately there is One God and One race of Human kind. Till that date we need to reform Hinduism and bring out its good ideologies and teachings. Then only shall we be able to contribute to the One religion concept and make the latter a more rich and valued one.

Let Hinduism live forever to take care of us.

Purpose of Protestant Hinduism

Our purpose is to identify the benefactorial teachings and practices of Hinduism and spread it around for people to follow.

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