March 12



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Kilbourne Hole, New Mexico
jpeg03-12-01-0746A.jpg (96226 bytes) Jim & Rachel at Kilbourne Hole.  Hmmm... the lighting isn't so good, but for what it's worth...
jpeg03-12-01-0746B.jpg (70004 bytes) Kirk enjoying the sunrise and the view while sitting atop a deposit of ash from the eruption that formed the hole.
jpeg03-12-01-0747.jpg (162791 bytes) Hans, Rachel, and Lisa near the hole's rim.
jpeg03-12-01-0748.jpg (138145 bytes)

jpeg03-12-01-0750A.jpg (130968 bytes)

Reubs (left), and Dave (right) inspect a bomb ejected during the eruption that landed in the ash layers drastically deforming them.
jpeg03-12-01-0750.jpg (110731 bytes) Steve (left), and Shawn near the rim of the hole.
jpeg03-12-01-0846.jpg (171927 bytes) Nick (left), Ahnna (center), and Alissa(right) with the rest of the class below.
jpeg03-12-01-0847.jpg (174876 bytes) Another shot of the class.
jpeg03-12-01-0848.jpg (99335 bytes) Tina and Dave at Kilbourne Hole
jpeg03-12-01-0854.jpg (195180 bytes) Stephanie and Ahnna collecting olivene nodules brought up from the mantle by the eruption.
jpeg03-12-01-0920.jpg (223280 bytes) Hmmm... those strange geologists...


Waldo Mine, New Mexico
jpeg03-12-01-1556.jpg (198554 bytes) The entrance to Waldo Mine now used by New Mexico Tech as a hands-on classroom for mining instruction.
jpeg03-12-01-1622.jpg (115334 bytes) Our guide (left), Nick (L center), Reubs (R center), and Al (right) in the mine.
jpeg03-12-01-1626.jpg (99495 bytes) Jeremy and the group stop for an explanation of some of the mine's features.
jpeg03-12-01-1627.jpg (107601 bytes) Hans, you're looking pretty studly here!
jpeg03-12-01-1645.jpg (114349 bytes) Reubs listens in while Katie talks with one of our guides about engineering.
jpeg03-12-01-1656.jpg (110272 bytes) Shawn (left), Steve (L center), Kirk (R center), & Al (right).  This is a great shot of you guys!
jpeg03-12-01-1703.jpg (95733 bytes) Reubs and Phil joke about the "sturdy" shoring at this local.
jpeg03-12-01-1705.jpg (114086 bytes) The group makes its way deeper into the workings.
jpeg03-12-01-1719.jpg (75991 bytes) Dave climbs the last few rungs of what's normally an escape ladder.  The ascent was rather steep, and very long.  That little speck of light next to Dave's elbow is another person way below, yet also well up the ladder.

jpeg03-12-01-1722.jpg (68480 bytes)

Here, Reubs poses in the ladderway Dave just emerged from.
jpeg03-12-01-1724.jpg (98256 bytes) The dust in the mine was quite heavy at times as evidenced by the very dirty lens with which this photo was taken.
jpeg03-12-01-1741.jpg (104194 bytes) Al (left), Nick (center), and Stephanie (right) in the mine.
jpeg03-12-01-1750.jpg (100478 bytes) Reubs after coming out of the mine.  This is one of my favorite pictures from the trip.  Thanks Tina.  You do good work!
jpeg03-12-01-1800.jpg (108841 bytes) Forget "Where's Waldo," where's the bathroom???


VLA Radio Telescope Observatory, New Mexico
jpeg03-12-01-1845.jpg (153421 bytes) Click on this image to read some background info on the VLA (Very Large Array) radio telescope observatory, New Mexico.
jpeg03-12-01-1847.jpg (167693 bytes) Nick (left), Dave (middle), and Reuben (right) at the VLA


Lyman Lake, Arizona
jpeg03-12-01-2339.jpg (59667 bytes) Trying to be cool. Reubs & Dave enjoy an 8-pack of Guinness, and choke down a couple of terrible 50-cent cigars.  As always, the beer was great, but from now on, it's strictly $11.00 cigars!



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