Rosemount High School

Reunion Committee
Last Amendment May 14, 2002

Standing Left to right: Nada, Benny Oleszczuk, Pat Leduc, Sylvia Tidy, Elaine Sawchuk, Mr. R. Pink, Shirley Miller, Mr. G. Bourgoin, Noemi Berlus, Philip Marsarelli and Tony Payne.
Seated Left to right: Leo Steinberger, Mike Solomita, Tom Powell, Laurie Williamson, Lily Wolaniuk, Madame M.A. Poulin and Bruce Zacard

The Night of April 29, 2002, The Canadians Defeat Boston 2-1

Bruce Zacard

Laurie Williamson

Richard Pink

Sylvia Tidy

Elaine Sawchuk

Mike Solomita

Shirley Miller

Tom Powell

Philip Marsarelli

Pat Leduc

Benny Oleszczuk
Benny Alphabet

M.A. Poulin

L. Steinberger

Noemi Berlus


Work goes on, Motions, amendments to motions, discussions and voting.

Mike takes a timed picture using cans for a tripod.