Web Site File Directory Structure


Access Level 1 - General Public

index.htmHome Page - frame control
 indextop.htmHome Page top frame
 indexleft.htmHome Page left frame
 indexright.htmHome Page right frame
 indexright.htmHome Page right frame
 button1.htmInformation - Guarantees
 button2.htmInformation - How to make purchases
 button3.htmInformation - About Us (the company)
 button4.htmInformation - How to Contact Us
 button5.htmDiscussion Group
 button6.htmPurchase Cart display
 button7.htmLinks for further information & discussion
 vipps.htmVerified Internet Pharmacy Practice site
 verisign.htmVerisign website verification
 bbb.htmBetterBusinessBureau Online site approval
 checkout.htmPurchase checkout (payment)
 enter.htmUser Status (new/old) Frame control
 entertop.htmSmall Shopping cart display & top frame
 enterbottom.htmUser Status bottom frame
 newuser.htmNew User ID and password creation
 oldcust.htmReturning Customer ID and PW entry
Forgotten PW, Administrative entry

Access Level 2 - Users: (ID + Password Required)

 a-2team.htmWelcome to products/info - Frame Control
 indextop.htmWelcome - frame top (reused)
 indexleft.htmelcome - frame left (reused)
 indexright2.htmWelcome - frame right


Access Level 3 - Website Admin (ID + Password)

 newcust-post.aspadd new customer id/pw to database #2
 oldcust-post.aspverify customer id/pw match database #2
 admin.htmadministrative controls screen
 admin-show.aspadmin - show user database #2 entries
 admin-delete.aspdelete user from database #2
 admin-showp.aspshow product database #1 entries
 admin-deletep.aspdelete product from database #1
 admin-addp.aspadmin - add product (key) to database #1
 admin-changep.aspchange product field(s) from database #1
 fgp1.mdbmicrosoft access database for products
 fgp2.mdbmicrosoft access database for user information


Visual Media

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