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Security remains the primary concern of on-line consumers. The VeriSign Secure Site Program allows you to learn more about web sites you visit before you submit any confidential information. Please verify that the information below is consistent with the site you are visiting.

Name Feeling Good Pharmaceuticals
Status Valid
Validity Period 08-Sep-2001 - 08-Sep-2002
Server ID
Country = USA
State = MD
Locality = Columbia
Organization = Team-1 Pharmacy
Organizational Unit = Online
Organizational Unit = Terms of use at www.verisign.com/rpa (c)00
Common Name = Feeling Good Pharmaceuticals

If the information is correct, you may submit sensitive data (e.g., credit card numbers) to this site with the assurance that:

To ensure that this is a legitimate VeriSign Secure Site, make sure that:
  1. The original URL of the site you are visiting comes from Feeling Good Pharmaceuticals
  2. The URL of this page is http://richard_ontheweb.tripod.com/advweb/a-1team.htm.
  3. The status of the Server ID is Valid.
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